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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, September 22, 1950
    [Public Papers: Veto of the Internal Security Bill]
9:40 am (Admiral William D. Leahy) OFF THE RECORD
10:00 am Promotion ceremonies for General Omar Bradley.
(The President presented to General Bradley the fifth star,
making him a "General of the Army." The following guests
were present:
Cabinet Members
Honorable Frank Pace, Secretary of the Army
Honorable Frank P. Matthews, Secretary of the Navy
Honorable Thomas K. Finletter, Secretary of the Air Force
Captain and Mrs. Herman Beukema
Mrs. Blair (Mrs. Cole's mother)
Mrs. Omar H. Bradley
Colonel and Mrs. C.V. Cole
General J. Lawton Collins
Admiral A.C. Davis
Master Sergeant Vernon Durpau (photographer)
Senator Chan Gurney
Colonel and Mrs. Willis D. Matthews
Sergeant Ralph Santos (photographer)
Admiral Forrest P. Sherman
Congressman Dewey Short
Senator Millard E. Tydings
General Hoyt S. Vandenberg
Congressman Carl Vinson
Master Sergeant D.W. Wingfield (Photographer)
Major General E.F. Whitsell
10:15 am Cabinet Meeting [minutes]
(Mr. Webb for State, Mr. Early for Defense; all others present)
(General Bradley briefed the Cabinet - OFF THE RECORD)
12:00 pm Congresswoman Helen Gahagan Douglas, California
Congressman Clair Engle, California
(Congresswoman asked to come in to urge the President to
sign H.R. 163, which has to do with irrigation project
affecting Northern California)
12:15 pm Congressman Henderson Lanham, Georgia
Congressman Stephen Pace, Georgia
(Congressman Lanham requested this appointment, stating he
wished to discuss the Hill-Burton Act and fund to implement it.)
12:30 pm (Mr. Irving Pflaum, Foreign Editor, Chicago Sun Times) OFF THE RECORD
12:45 pm Senator Millard Tydings, Maryland
12:50 pm Mr. Jacob Blaustein, of Baltimore, Maryland
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:00 pm (The President dropped by the Truxton Beale Naval Museum on way to
office from Blair House)
3:30 pm Honorable Edward J. Flynn
3:45 pm Honorable Charles Sawyer, the Secretary of Commerce
4:00 pm (The President left for Union Station where he met train of Miss
Margaret Truman)

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