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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, September 13, 1950
    [Public Papers: Letter to Committee Chairmen Transmitting Bill To Permit General Marshall To Serve as Secretary of Defense]
9:30 am (General J. Lawton Collins) OFF THE RECORD
10:00 am (Staff Meeting)
11:00 am Congresswoman Chase Going Woodhouse, Connecticut
11:15 am (Mr. Joe Magee, of Kansas City) OFF THE RECORD
11:30 am Honorable Myron Taylor
(Teleponed Mr. Connelly last week from New York to ask for this)
11:45 am Honorable Norman O. Tiejens, Judge, Tax Court of United States
(Asked if he might thank the President for appointment
and pay respects)
11:55 am (Honorable James Webb, Under Secretary of State) OFF THE RECORD
12:00 pm H.E. Dr. K.T. Jutila, the Minister of Finland
(To present to the President a gift from the Lutheran Church
of Finland. This is a gift to the White House of a set for
the reading of the Holy Bible, including a table, a chair,
a table lamp and a crucifix, and to the President personally,
a facsimile edition of the first Finnish Bible of 1642. These
gifts are an expression of the deep appreciation of the
Finnish people for the assistance given to them by the various
American churches)
12:15 pm H.E. Hon. Percy C. Spender, the Australian Minister of External
H.E. Hon. Norman J.O. Makin, the Ambassador of Australia
12:25 pm (Mr. John Collins) OFF THE RECORD
12:28 pm (Mr. Bill Vaughan, Vice President's Office) OFF THE RECORD
12:30 pm Honorable W. Stuart Symington, Chairman, N.S.R.B.
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:00 pm (Brig. General Louis H. Renfrow) OFF THE RECORD
3:15 pm (Honorable Gordon Gray) OFF THE RECORD
3:30 pm Honorable John W. Snyder, the Secretary of the Treasury
3:45 pm Honorable William M. Boyle
5:10 pm (Mr. Walter Wolfner) OFF THE RECORD
8:45 pm (The president left the Blair House with Postmaster General
[Jesse M. Donaldson] for Statler Hotel, where he "dropped in"
on conference of Post Office Supervisors)
9:05 pm [Public Papers: Remarks to the National Association of Postal Supervisors]

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