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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, June 7, 1950
9:50 am (Cong. John A. McGuire, Conn.)
(Father George Reilly)
(Mr. Peter Reilly)
10:00 am (Staff meeting)
11:00 am Cong. Graham A. Barden, N.C.
(Mr. Matthew Connelly called him, at direction of the Presi-
dent and asked him come in for half hour talk)
11:30 am Dr. F. D. Patterson, President, Tuskegee Institute
Congressman William Dawson
Mr. Horace Suddeth, President, National Negro Business League
Dr. J. E. Walker, President, Universal Life Insurance
Company of Memphis, Tenn.
(Dr. Patterson asked for this as they wish invite the
President to Golden Anniversary Celebration of National
Negro Business League, founded by Booker T. Washington)
11:40 am Hon. Frederick Lawton, Director, Bureau of the Budget
12:00 pm H.E. Senor Don Augusto Dillon, the Ambassador of Ecuador
(Asked, thru Mr. Woodward, to say "goodbye" as is
relinquishing his duties in Washington and returning
to Ecuador; also will present the President with Panama hat)
12:15 pm Hon. Frank P. Corrigan, Adviser on Latin American Affairs
to Hon. Warren R. Austin
(Asked for this thru Mr. Stanley Woodward)
12:30 pm Senator Elbert D. Thomas, Utah
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly and asked for this)
12:45 pm (Sen. Wayne Morse, Oregon)
(Asked Mr. Matthew Connelly to arrange this five minutes
12:55 pm (Mrs. H. E. Strong)
(Formerly Emma Wales, old friend, will come OFF RECORD)
1:00 pm (LUNCH - downstairs in Executive Office)
3:15 pm (Mr. and Mrs. John Bauermeister)
3:25 pm (Harry Schwimmer)
3:30 pm Hon. William M. Boyle
4:00 pm The Secretary of Defense [Louis Johnson]
Secretary Thomas K. Finletter [Secretary of the Air Force]
General Omar Bradley
Admiral Sherman
General Collins
General Norstad
(Secretary Louis Johnson brought them along for usual
weekly appointment)
4:30 pm (The President left for the Roosevelt Hotel where he
spoke to the Ninety-first Annual National Convention
of the Augustana-Lutheran Church)
4:50 pm [Public Papers: Remarks at the 91st Annual National Convention of the Augustana Lutheran Church]
7:00 pm (The President had following speech-writers to dinner
at Blair House:)
(Secretary Charles Ross)
(Secretary William Hassett)
(Mr. Charles Murphy)
(Mr. David Bell)
(Mr. David Lloyd)
(Mr. Ken Hechler)
(Mr. George Elsey)
(Mr. Stephen Spingarn)

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