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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, June 23, 1950
    [Public Papers: Veto of Bill Relating to the Promotion of Veterans of World War II in the Field Service of the Post Office Department]
10:00 am Cabinet
(Treasury was represented by Mr. Foley; Defense by Mr. Early.
Labor was nor represented. All others were present.)
11:00 am (Staff meeting)
12:00 pm (Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pruett, of Kansas City)
(Mrs. Pruett is daughter of Mr. Jim Pendergast, who wrote the
President that she and her husband would be visiting at home
of Mr. Joe Major at this time and would like to come in and
say "hello." Will come to see Mr. Matthew Connelly and see the
12:15 pm (Mr. Martin Hutchinson)
(Under consideration for appointment Federal Trade Commission.
Mr. Matthew Connelly called him and asked him to come in today.
12:30 pm Honorable Robert Hinckley
Mr. L. L. Colbert, President, Dodge Motors and Director Chrysler
(Mr. Hinckley called Mr. Matthew Connelly and asked if he might bring
Mr. Colbert in to see the President)
12:45 pm H.M. Senhor Luis Esteves Fernandes, the Ambassador of Portugal
(Newly appointed - to present credentials. Attached is copy of
letters to be exchanged, as well as brief biographical sketch)
12:50 pm (The President left for the Capitol, where he attended OFF RECORD
luncheon in the Vice President's office)
The following guests were present:
The President of the United States
Mrs. Robert Learnard - 4625 Garfield St., N.W.
(Her husband is an officer of the Aluminum Co. of America)
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Clifford
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Morgens (Vice President of Proctor and Gamble,
Cincinnati, Ohio)
The Vice President Alben W. Barkley and Mrs. Barkley
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Myer
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Biffle
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Marquis Childs
Senator Margaret Chase Smith
Senator Andrew Schoeppel
The Speaker of the House [Sam Rayburn]
The French Ambassador and Madame Bonnet
Mr. Arde Bulova - 630 Fifth Avenue, New York City
3:15 pm Honorable Paul V. McNutt
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly from New York on Wednesday to ask for this)
3:30 pm The President received the Members of the Export-Import Bank,
as follows:
Honorable Herbert E. Gaston, Chairman and President
Honorable Hawthorne Arey, Vice President
Honorable Lynn U. Stambaugh, Member
Honorable Clarenece E. Gauss, Member
Honorable Willard R. Thorp (designee of Secretary of State
who is ex-officio member of Bank)
(Mr. Matthew Connelly called Chairman Graham and asked them to call
on the President)
4:15 pm (Honorable Mon Wallgren)
5:00 pm Speech Conference

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