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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, June 16, 1950
    [Public Papers: Veto of Bill To Define the Application of the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Clayton Act to Certain Pricing Policies]
    [Public Papers: Statement by the President Upon Signing Bill Amending the Displaced Persons Act]
9:45 am (Secretary of Agriculture [Charles F. Brannan])
(Mr. Albert J. Loveland)
10:00 am Cabinet [Meeting] [minutes]
(Under Secretary Early will represent Defense; the
Solicitor General for Justice; Labor absent. All
others present.)
10:50 am Honorable Paul Hoffman
11:00 am (Staff Meeting)
11:55 am (Mr. Robert Moore, Democratic National Committee)
(Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Devore, of Delta, Missouri)
(Mrs. A. P. Schneider, of St. Louis)
(Mr. Moore asked if he could bring in his sister, her
husband and Mr. Moore's niece, to shake hands.)
12:00 pm The President received the Business Paper Editors:
Ainsworth, Marcus, Commercial Car Journal
Arthur Bamford, Jr., Chilton Publications
Preston Bell, Bakers Weekly
Bradbury, William, Mechanization
Doris Burrell, Department Store Economist
Walter Campbell, Steel
Colin Carmichael, Machine Design
Rufus Choate, Plumbing and Heating Wholesaler
Alice Clark, R.N. (Registered Nurse)
Stanley Cohen, Advertising Age
Raymond Coombes, Mechanization
John Cornell, Paper Mill News
Bainbridge Crist, Tide
Custer, James R., Automotive Industries
Earle, Chester R., Power Engineering
Fisher, Mahlon, Construtioneer
Fitzgerald, R.L., Boot and Shoe Recorder
Gable, Emerson, Architectural Record
Greene, A.W., Commercial Car Journal
Gussow, Don, Candy Industry and Bottling Indust.
Hanson, T.E., Plant Engineering
Hardy, Eugene, Chilton Publications
Haring, Frank, Liquor Store and Dispenser
Harrington, Carl, Mill and Factory
Hartford, Robert, Machine Design
Haywood, Marshall, Jr., Haywood Publishing Company
Johannesen, Mr. M.R., Haywood Publishing Company
Joyce, Arthur, Bakers Weekly
Kelly, Fred C., Jr., Refrigerating Engineering
Keyon, Charles, Motor Age
Kerr, R.Y., American Lumberman
King, Lansford, Jewelers' Circular-Keystone
Kraybill, Richard L., Dun's Review
Kruckman, Arnold, King Publications
Kruckman, Arnold (Mrs.) Hardware World
Kuhns, William, Banking
Lardner, Fred W., Haywood Pubishing Co.
Lewis, Frances, R. N. (Registered Nurse)
Lindsay, George, Mechanization
Malley, Francis J., The Spectator
Mayo, E.W., Jr., Sugar
McCarthy, John, Optical Journal
McPherrin, John, American Druggist
Mickel, Ernest, F.W. Dodge Publications
Mueller, Robert, Progressive Grocer
Myrick, Norman, American Milk Review
Nellen, Arthur, Motor Age
Pfeffer, John F., Automotive Industries
Phair, W.A., Hardware Age
Price, Ben K., Steel
Rannells, Karl, Chilton Publications
Rawson, Charles, Commercial Car Journal
Redmond, Wilfrid, Bakers Weekly
Salisbury, Philip, Sales Management
Schulhof, William R., Office Publication Co.
Shaw, Jerry, Tires Service Station
Sheeline, Randall, Chemical Industries
Smith, Stanley, Traffic World
Stafford, Larry, Banking
Steinebach, Frank, The Foundry
Stetson, George A., American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Sullivan, George, Iron Age
Turpin, M.C., Refrigerating Engineering
Voegele, Walter, Hotel Management
Vogel, Fred, Modern Machine Shop
Warren, James, Restaurant Management
Wick, Charles H., Machinery
Wilcox, J. G., Hardware Age
Wild, R. S., Hardware Age
Wolpert, N.N.H., Heating and Ventilating
Wimpfen, Sheldon P., Mining Congress Journal
Wooton, Paul, Chilton Publications
Kreutzberg, E.C., Steel
Brown, Kermit, Drug Topics
Rippey, Stevens, Drug Topics
(Arranged at the request of Paul Wooten. The President received
this group last year and in the past years also.)
12:15 pm Honorable Donald Kingsley, Director General, International
Refugee Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
(Asked if he might call on the President)
12:30 pm The President signed H.R. 4567, An Act "To amed the Displaced
Persons Act of 1948". The following guests were present
for the signing:
Senator Harley M. Kilgore, W.Va.
Senator Herbert H. Lehman, New York
Congressman Emanuel Celler, N.Y.
Congressman Francis E. Walter, Pennsylvania
Congressman Frank Fellows, Maine
Honorable Harry N. Rosenfield, Acting Chairman, Displaced
Persons Commission
Honorable Edward M. O'Connor, Member, Displaced Persons Commission
Honorable James J. McTigue, General Counsel, Displaced Persons
Honorable Watson B. Miller, Commissioner, Immigration and
Naturalization Service
12:45 pm The President received the Labor Editors who are attending
the Annual Meeting of the Labor Press Association:
Emil Beinecke, Editor, The Brewery Worker
Arnold Beichman, Electrical World
Gordon H. Cole, Editor, the Machinists
Richard Dashiell, Editor, the League Reporter
Max D. Danish, Editor, Justice, Ladies Garment Workers
Ray Davidson, Editor, The Oil Worker
Marie Downey, Asst. Editor, Electrical Workers' Journal
Irving Fagan, Editor, Labor Press Association
Kenneth Fiester, Editor, Textile Labor
Les Finnegan, International Union Electrical, Radio & Machine
Sara Gamm, Paper Worker
Robert R. Gerhart, Jr., Editor, The New Era
Albert Gray, Amalgamated Meat Cutters
W. C. Gantrup, Toledo Union Leader
Alvaine, Hamilton, Asst. Editor, Labor Press Association
A. B. Harrington, Editor, Communications' Workers Union
Don Hrud, Editor, Typographical Journal
Arthur Riordan, CIO
J. C. Rich, Editor, The Hat Worker
Jim Russell, The Paper Maker
Maury E. Rubin, Editor, St. Louis Labor Tribune
Bernard Seaman, Justice and LPA
Glen Slaughter, Labor's League for Political Education
Max Steinbock, Local 338 News
Donald W. Stone, Editor, Lithographers' Journal
Allan L. Swin, CIO News
Bernard Tassler, Editor, American Federationist
Barney Taylor, United Automobile Worker
George H. Wartenberg, Cincinnati Sun
Herbert Weinberg, Tri-City Labor Review
A. S. Weiss, Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Employees
(Joseph D. Keenan, Director Labor's League for Political
Education, requested that this group meet with the President,
preferably for a press conference. Mr. Charles Ross said "No" to this,
but suggested they come in just for friendly greeting. Mr.
Keenan says "The Labor Press Association is non-profit, cooperative
association, serving several hundred labor publications
with news, photos, features, columns, etc. Circulation is
probably close to the 10 million mark. The subscribing editors
of non-profit publications are members of the association. Has
governing board of 14, six from AFL and six from CIO and two
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:15 pm The Secretary of the Treasury [John W. Snyder]
Mr. Edward Beltz, Chairman, Savings Bond Division, D.C.
Savings Bond Drive
Mrs. Lindsey P. Rawley, Chairman of Women's Section, D.C.
Savings Bond Division
Mr. Hugh Lunch, D.C. Savings Bond Director
(a large replica of the Liberty Bell will be placed
in the South Grounds in back of the President's office; the
Secretary of the Treasury presented to the President
a Gold Liberty Bell pin in connection with the Independence
Bond Drive.)
3:30 pm The President received Delegates to the National 4-H Club Camp.
Approximately 200 children were present. They presented the
President with a paper weight made from an oak growing at Mt.
Vernon during George Washington's residence there.
4:00 pm The President received the Members of the Political Action
Committee of the C.I.O. Approximately 200 members were
received. They are meeting here today, and Mr. Jack Kroll
asked if the President could drop in on their meeting; settled
for this visit to the President instead. Received on the
South Grounds of the White House.
4:15 pm Congressman Brent Spence, Kentucky
5:00 pm (The President received at the Blair House:
Mr. Carl Nix)

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