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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, June 14, 1950
    [Public Papers: White House Statement Announcing the Establishment of the Arkansas-White-Red River Basins Inter-Agency Committee]
10:00 am (Staff Meeting)
11:00 am Congressman Walter B. Huber, Ohio
Commander Lawrence Kocinski, Polish Legion of Amercian Veterans
Benjamin T. Anuskewicz, Chairman & Legislative Officer
George L. Mark, Executive Chairman
Congressman James V. Buckley, Illinois
Congressman Chester A. Chesney, Illinois
Congressman A. N. Sadlak, Connecticut
Leo D. Michaloski, Washington Representative of Polish
American Congress and the United Press of America
(Congressman Huber asked for this in order that this group
may invite the President to address their convention to be
held in Akron, Ohio next September.)
11:15 am (Mr. Stephen F. Thomas of St. Louis)
11:30 am (Mr. Martin Lewis, of Springfield, Illinois)
(Write and asked to see the President, off the record)
11:45 am Honorable Oscar Ewing, Administrator, Federal Security Agency
Mr. Generoso Pope, Jr.
Mr. Fortune Pope
Mr. Anthony Pope
(Mr. Ewing asked if he might bring them and introduce
them to the President.)
12:00 pm Marshal of the Royal Air Force, Lord Tedder
(Arranged by General Robert Landry)
12:15 pm Senator Milton R. Young, N.D.
Congressman Harold C. Hagen, Minnesota
Senator Edward J. Thye, Minnesota
Senator Hubert Humphrey, Minnesota
Senator William Langer, N.D.
Congressman Walter H. Judd, Minnesota
Congressman Eugene J. McCarthy, Minnesota
Congressman Fred Marshall, Minnesota
Congressman August H. Andressen, Minnesota
Congressman John A. Blatnik, Minnesota
Congressman H. Carl Andersen, Minnesota
Congressman Joseph P. O'Hara
Congressman Roy W. Wier, Minnesota
Congressman Usher L. Burdick, N.D.
Governor Luther Youngdahl, Minnesota
Mr. Wm. Skells, Secretary to Congressman Lemke
(Congressman Hagen arranged for this group consisting
of Congressional delegation from Minnesota and North Dakota
to come in to talk to the President about lack of progress
on legislation and assistance to the flood areas in their
12:30 pm Honorable W. Stuart Symington, Chairman, National Security
Resources Board
(Usual Wednesday appointment, one-half hour)
1:00 pm (Lunch at the Blair House with General George C. Marshall)
3:15 pm Honorable William M. Boyle
Mr. Joseph Keenan, A.F. of L.
3:45 pm Honorable Frank Pace, the Secretary of the Army
Honorable Earl D. Johnson, Assistant Secretary of the Army
(Secretary Pace asked if he might bring his new Assistant
in to meet the President.)
4:00 pm (Honorable Frank Pace, Secretary of the Army)
(Asked to stay on for an off-the-record talk.)
4:15 pm The Secretary of Commerce [Charles Sawyer]
5:00 pm (The President left for the Naval Gun Factory, where he
will go aboard the USS WILLIAMSBURG and cruise overnight
to Quantico, Virginia.)

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