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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, May 31, 1950
    [Public Papers: Special Message to the Congress Transmitting Reorganization Plan 26 of 1950]
    [Public Papers: Special Message to the Congress Transmitting Reorganization Plan 27 of 1950]
10:00 am The Vice President [Alben W. Barkley]
Senator Scott Lucas, Illinois
Congressman John W. McCormack, Massachusetts
(Speaker [Sam Rayburn] out of town)
11:00 am (Staff meeting)
12:00 pm Mr. Edward F. Neild of Shreveport, La.
Mr. Charles Keck (sculptor)
(The President wrote to Mr. Neild in April re Mr.
Keck's idea for monument to soldiers of World War II
and expressed hope that Mr. Neild come in to see him
in near future and discuss it. Neild suggested they
have Keck come in at same time.)
12:15 pm Mrs. Elizabeth Brattig (Most Promising Teacher)
Barbara Brattig
Susan Brattig (twin daughters)
Ruth Kramer (Pupil of Mrs. Brattig)
Commissioner of Education Earl McGrath
Mrs. Geoffrey Wade
Morgan Beatty
Carey Smith
(Mrs. Brattig is teacher of English at Brasmus Hall High
School, Brooklyn, N.Y. and winner of $2,000 scholarship
award in the Quiz Kids Fifth Annual "Best Teacher Contest."
Ruth Kramer, pupil of Mrs. Brattig, nominated Mrs. Brattig,
and received $1,000 bond for writing one of the two best
letters on subject, "The Teacher Who Has Helped Me Most"
out of many thousands from students all over country.)
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
3:00 pm Hon. John L. Sullivan
(Phone Mr. Connelly last week to ask for this)
3:15 pm The Secretary of Defense [Louis Johnson]
(Usual weekly appointment, moved from Tuesday)
3:45 pm Hon. William M. Boyle
(Usual Wednesday appointment)
4:15 pm (Ambassador and Mrs. John Simmons)
(Mr. Woodward will bring them in off record; is our
Ambassador to Ecuador)
4:30 pm Hon. Edward J. Flynn
(Called Mr. Connelly on Monday to ask for this)
4:45 pm Secretary of the Treasury [John W. Snyder]
5:15 pm (Ted Marks)
5:30 pm (Mon Wallgren)

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