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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Tuesday, May 2, 1950
    [Public Papers: Special Message to the Senate Transmitting Treaty With Canada Concerning Uses of the Waters of the Niagara River]
10:00 am (Staff meeting)
10:35 am (Admiral William D. Leahy)
11:00 am Congressman Francis E. Walter, Pa.
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly last week to ask for this)
11:15 am Cong. John W. McCormack, Mass.
Cong. William L. Dawson, Ill.
Cong. Porter Hardy, Jr., Va.
Cong. William L. Dawson, Ill.
Cong. Richard Bolling, Mo.
Cong. Wm. P. Bulton, Md.
Cong. John F. Shelly, Calif.
Cong. M.G. Burnside, W. Va.
(Cong. Hardy asked Mr. Matthew Connelly to arrange this, stating
they wished to discuss matters dealing with the
Maritime Commission)
11:30 am Hon. Joseph B. Keenan, formerly head of War Crimes
Commission in Tokyo, Japan
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly and wrote that he had not visited
the President in over year, and at suggestion of Leslie
Biffle was asking if he might come in with reference
to one or two matters)
11:45 am Hon. W. Stuart Symington, Chairman N.S.R.B.
(Asked Mr. Connelly to arrange this)
12:00 pm Cong. John F. Kennedy, Mass.
Hon. Edward A. Crane, Mayor of Cambridge, Mass.
Colonel John Atkinson, City Manager
Mr. Frank Boland, Executive Secretary of Cambridge
Memorial Commission
Mr. Frank Townsend, Secy., Chamber of Commerce
(Requested by Cong. Kennedy; to invite the President to
attend dedication of monument on Cambridge Common in honor
of General George Washington and commemorating his taking
command of the Army of the United Colonies after receiving
his commission as Commander-in-Chief from Continental Congress.
July 3rd of this year is 175th anniversay of this historical
12:15 pm Hon. Morris de Castro, Governor of Virgin Islands
(Secretary Oscar Chapman asked for this, and may come with the
Governor -- not sure)
12:30 pm Hon. Frederick Lawton, Director, Bureau of the Budget
(Asked for 15 minutes today)
12:45 pm (Hon. Thomas B. McCabe, Chairman, Board of Governors)
(Mr. Edward L. Norton, of Birmingham, Alabama)
(Off Record. When Mr. McCabe last saw the President
it was agreed that he was to bring Mr. Norton in off
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
3:00 pm Hon. Oswald Ryan, Vice Chairman, Civil Aeronautics Board
(To hand the President the citation voted him by Board
of Awards of Tau Kappa Alpha, national honor forensic
society, which selected the President as "Speaker of
the Year for 1949". They wanted to have ceremony of
presentation but Mr. Connelly after asking that they
send the citation, finally agreed to this, having Mr.
Ryan, a member of the Board of Awards, hand it to the
President informally)
3:15 pm (Mr. Jerry Duggan)
3:30 pm (The Secretary of the Treasury [John W. Snyder])
(The Secretary of Commerce [Charles Sawyer])
(Hon. Thomas B. McCabe, Federal Reserve)
(Mr. Charles Murphy)
(Mr. Stephen Spingarn)
(Mr. Harley Hise, RFC)
(This arranged at suggestions of Charles Murphy, Off Record.
One half hour)
5:00 pm (Left with Mrs. Truman for home of the Vice President [Alben W. Barkley]
for cocktail party)
8:00 pm (The President and Mrs. Truman gave a dinner for Mrs. Mesta
at the Blair House, black tie. The following were present:
Miss Margaret Truman
Chief Justice and Mrs. Fred Vinson
H.E. The French Ambassador and Madame Bonnet
The Speaker [Sam Rayburn]
Mrs. W. A. Thomas (Speaker's sister)
Mr. Justice and Mrs. Reed
Secretary of the Treasury and Mrs. Snyder
Hon. and Mrs. James E. Webb
Mrs. Perle Mesta
Hon. and Mrs. Cornelius V. Whitney
Lt. Col. Robert F. Scott
Lt. Hoya D. Moore)

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