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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, May 19, 1950
10:00 am Cabinet [Meeting] [minutes]
(Mr. Webb represent State; Postmaster General [Jesse Donaldson] absent; Dr. John R. Steelman absent)
10:45 am (The Attorney General [J. Howard McGrath])
10:55 am Mr. Dan Nee
11:00 am (Staff Meeting)
12:00 pm Mr. Lloyd Reisner, Driver of the Year
Mrs. Lloyd Reisner
General Philip B. Fleming, Chairman, the President's
Highway Safety Conference
Mr. Robert Test, American Trucking Ass'n.
(The President presented the award to Mr. Reisner who
was chose this year by the American Trucking Association,
Inc. as winner of their national contest.)
12:15 pm Mrs. Anna M. Rosenberg
(Just returned from trip to Europe and asked, thru
Mr. David Niles, to report to the President)
12:30 pm Hon. Myron Taylor
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly from New York on Tuesday to ask
for this)
12:45 pm The President received special committee from the Alumni
Association of the University of Missouri as follows:
Margaret L. Ashburn
General John T. Barker
Clarence Cannon, M.C.
A.S.J. Carnahan, M.C.
Donald S. Dawson
Senator Forrest C. Donnell
John Boyle Gordon
John L. Graves
Paul C. Jones
Senator James P. Kem
Morgan Moulder, M.C.
F. B. Scheetz
James Wild
Lyle C. Wilson
James Steele Williams
(To tell the President about luncheon they are giving
in honor of Mr. Charles Ross' fifth anniversary at White House
as Press Secretary, and to invite the President to attend;
also to express their pleasure that the President plans
to come to the Commencement Exercises at the University
of Missouri, June 9th)
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
3:00 pm General Walter Bedell Smith
3:15 pm Hon. Ugo Carusi, Chairman, Displaced Persons' Commission
Miss Dace Epermanis, of Latvia
Ruth Safrin
Mr. Fowler
(Director of Public Relations of National Capital Sesqui-
centennial Commission requested this. She is guest of
Commission for "I Am An American Day." She is 150,000th
D.P. - pictures)
3:30 pm The Secretary of the Treasury [John W. Snyder]
4:50 pm (Oscar Ewing)
5:00 pm (Frank Pace)
7:30 pm (The President left for Statler where he attended Armed
Forces Dinner)
10:15 pm [Public Papers: Remarks at the Armed Forces Dinner]

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