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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, April 20, 1950
Executive Orders:  [10123 REVOCATION OF EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 9635 OF SEPTEMBER 29, 1945, (3) AND No. 9904 OF NOVEMBER 13, 1947 (4)]
10:00 am (Staff Meeting)
11:00 am Mr. Amon Carter, Publisher, Fort Worth Star Telegram
Mr. James E. Casner, Alpine, Texas business man
Mr. Newton B. Drury, Director, National Park Service
Senator Hill Hudson, Texas State Senator
Dr. R. M. Hawkins, President, Sul Ross College
Mr. William J. Hooten, Editor, El Paso Times
Representative Wingate Lucas
Mr. Frank McCollum
Dr. Ross Maxwell, Superintendent, Big Bend National Park
Mr. Wendell Mayes, Texas Park Board
Judge Felix P. McGaughy, County Judge, Alpine, Texas
Judge Hunter O. Metcalfe, former District Judge
Miss Sara McLendon
Representative Ken Regan
Mr. Robert Weir, Editor, Fort Worth Star Telegram
Mr. Conrad L. Wirth, National Park Service
Mr. C. C. Woodson
Mr. Walter Woodul
J. T. Rutherford, State Representative
(Congressman Regan asked Mr. Connelly to arrange for this Texas
group to call on the President in order to invite him to take
part in dedication ceremonies at Big Bend National Park next fall.)
11:15 am Senator George D. Aiken, Vermont
(The Senator asked for this thru Mr. Hassett, who advised
Mr. Connelly that Senator Aiken wished to discuss with the
President question of vacancy which will arise on Federal
Power Commission with expiration of term of Nelson Lee Smith.)
11:30 am Hon. Fletcher Bowron, Mayor of Los Angeles, Calif.
Hon. Edward K. Delaney, Mayor of St. Paul, Minn.
Hon. Thomas D'Alexandro, Mayor of Baltimore, Md.
Hon. Lester E. Holloway, Mayor of Muncie, Indiana
Hon. Russell S. Wallace, Mayor of Aberdeen, South Dakota
Hon. Tom Mooney, Mayor of Lexington, Kenturcky
Hon. Thomas Nichols, Mayor of Canton, Ohio
Hon. William Devin, Mayor of Seattle, Wash.
Mr. F. X. Lane, Admin., Boston Housing Authority
C. T. Kiley, Chairman, Boston Housing Authority
Mr. John J. O'Toole, Director of Public Welfare
Honorable Tighe E. Woods, Housing Expediter
Mr. Paul Betters
Dr. W. E. Hennerich, St. Louis
(Mr. Woods wrote to these Mayors telling them the President
had authorized him to extend an invitation to them to meet
with the President in order to obtain current information
on housing and rent control from a group of Mayors of
representatives American cities from coast to coast.)
11:45 am Honorable Ernest Gruening, Governor of Alaska
(Called Mr. Connelly and asked for this appointment)
12:00 pm The Secretary of State [Dean G. Acheson]
Honorable Trygve Lie, Secretary General, United Nations
Honorable Byron Price
Secretary's usual Thursday appointment; he asked to bring
Mr. Lie with him.)
12:30 pm H. E. Sava Kosanovic, the Ambassador of Yugoslavia
(Is leaving his post and returning to Yugoslavia and
asked thru Mr. Woodward, if he might make a farewell call
upon he President.)
12:45 pm The President was presented with the new Freedom Stamp
issued in honor of the Sesquicentennial of Washington, D.C.
The following were present:
Honorable Jesse M. Donaldson, the Postmaster General
Honorable Joseph J. Lawler, Asst. Postmaster General
Hon. Robert E. Fellers, Deputy Asst. Postmaster General
Mr. Frank R. Alexander
Mr. Carter T. Barron
Mr. Edward Boykin
Mr. Paul M. Massmann
Mr. Joseph McGarraghy
1:00 pm (The President attended the luncheon of the American Society
of Newspaper Editors at the Statler Hotel.)
2:00 pm [Public Papers: Address on Foreign Policy at a Luncheon of the American Society of Newspaper Editors
3:00 pm (Honorable Clark Clifford)
3:30 pm (Reverend Sears F. Riepma, Rector, Christ Episcopal Church)
Springfield, Mo.)
(Mrs. Richard Cowell, daughter)
(Wrote the President he would be here today and would like
to pay his respects.)
3:35 pm (Harry Jobes)
(Mr. Ted Marks)
3:45 pm (Dr. Forsythe -- dentist)

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