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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, October 25, 1950
Executive Orders:  [10175 AMENDING EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 7908 OF JUNE 9, 1938, (3) AND EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 10046 OF MARCH 24, 1949 (4)]
9:30 am (Staff Meeting)
10:30 am (The President left for Mayflower Hotel where he spoke informally
to Annual Meeting of National Guard Association)
10:40 am [Public Papers: Remarks to Members of the National Guard Association]
11:00 am Senator William Benton, Connecticut
(Although Senator Benton requested this, he wants it
announced that the President invited him down to
discuss Truth Program in Korea and Asia; Mr. Connelly
said it might be handled this way)
11:15 am Honorable William C. Foster, Administrator, E. C. A.
Honorable Paul G. Hoffman, former Administrator, E. C. A.
(Mr. Foster called Mr. Connelly last week to ask for this)
11:30 am Honorable Harold L. Ickes
11:45 am Mr. Albert Greenfield, of Philadelphia, Pa.
(Senator Myers asked for this sometime ago, and it has
been postponed twice because of the trips of the President.
Mr. Greenfield is a real estate man in Philadelphia, and
has been written up in magazine often; is known as "Mr.
12:00 pm Hon. Frederick J. Lawton, Director, Bureau of Budget
12:30 pm Honorable W. Stuart Symington, Chairman, N. S. R. B
(Usual Wednesday appointment)
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
3:00 pm The President received Members of the Atomic Energy Commission, as follows:
Honorable Gordon E. Dean, Chairman
Honorable Sumner T. Pike
Honorable Henry D. Smyth
Honorable Thomas E. Murray
Honorable T. Keith Glennan
(Mr. Connelly called them and invited them to come in for a
talk with the President. One-half hour)
3:30 pm Senator Kenneth McKellar, Tennessee
(Wrote to the President re Cumberland River below Nashville,
stating he would like to discuss this with the President)
3:45 pm Honorable William M. Boyle
(Usual Wednesday appointment)
4:15 pm Honorable Frank Pace, Secretary of the Army
10:30 pm Met Miss Margaret Truman's train at Union Station

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