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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, October 20, 1950
10:00 am Cabinet Meeting [minutes]
(Vice President absent; Postmaster General absent; Agriculture
absent as well as his Under Secretary; The Solicitor General
will represent the Attorney General. All others present.
General Bradley will brief the Cabinet - OFF THE RECORD)
10:45 am (Honorable Oscar Chapman, The Secretary of the Interior) OFF THE RECORD
11:00 am (Staff Meeting)
11:45 am (Mr. Richard Nacy)
(Hon. Charles M. Huttig, Democratic State Chairman, Mo.) OFF THE RECORD
12:00 pm Mrs. Dorothy Lewis, Coordinator of American Broadcasts at United
(Mrs. Roosevelt wrote to the President asking if he would
see Mrs. Lewis. Mrs. Lewis says she also represents
Department of Public Information at UN)
12:15 pm Honorable Richard C. Patterson, Jr., American Ambassador to
Mr. Ellsworth Bunker, Chairman of National Sugar Refining Co.
(Ambassador Patterson wrote to Mr. Connelly asking that
Mr. Bunker be given opportunity to just shake hands with
the President.)
12:30 pm Honorable Myron Taylor
(Telephoned Mr. Connelly from New York City about ten days
ago to ask for this)
12:45 pm Reverend Gunnar Rosendal, of Osby, Sweden
Reverend James Duncan, of Church of the Ascension & St. Agnes, of
Washington, D. C.
(This was arranged at request of Senator Theodore Francis
Green, who had hoped to accompany them. Cleared by State
Department. Father Rosendal (High Episcopal) is to be
in U. S. for 6 weeks lecturing at Episcopalian seminaries,
colleges and some parish churches. Is well known for
efforts on behalf of Church Unity.)
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
3:00 pm Honorable Raymond M. Foley, Administrator, Housing and Home
Finance Agency
3:15 pm Honorable Eugene Meyer, Publisher of the Washington Post
(Mr. Connelly phoned Mr. Meyer last week and told him
the President hoped he could drop by one day and tell
him about his recent trip abroad (Europe)
3:45 pm Mr. Edgar Sengier, Managing Director of Union Miniers du Haut Katanga
Honorable Gordon Dean, Chairman, Atominc Energy Commission
(This request came to Mr. Connelly thru Division of Protocol,
State Department. Mr. Sengier's company is large Belgian
mining Company; controls substantial part of all minerals
mined in Belgian Congo, which includes uranium. During
the last war President Roosevelt decorated Mr. Sengier
(pronounced Sonjay). The Office of the Secretary of State
suggested that Gordon Dean accompany Mr. Sengier, although
this appointment is merely to pay respects)
4:00 pm Honorable John Snyder, Secretary of the Treasury
4:15 pm (Honorable George Allen) OFF THE RECORD
4:30 pm (Honorable Edwin Pauley) OFF THE RECORD

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