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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, January 6, 1950
    [Public Papers: Annual Message to the Congress: The President's Economic Report]
    [Public Papers: Exchange of Messages With Michael, Orthodox Archbishop of North and South America]
7:00 am (The President walked to Union Station and met Mrs.
Truman at 7:41 a.m.)
10:00 am Cabinet [Meeting] [minutes]
(All present except the Secretary of Commerce who was
represented by Mr. Whitney)
11:00 am (Staff Meeting)
11:45 am Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Mr. Chauncey McCormack, President, Chicago Art Institure
Mrs. David Levy
Miss Katharine F. Lenroot, Chief of Children's Bureau
(Mrs. Roosevelt wrote to the President in December 28th,
asking if this group might call on him in order
to discuss White House Children's Conference, which she
says is not having clear sailing. She states that Mr.
McCormack has agreed to serve as chairman of Finance
[Public Papers: Statement by the President on the Midcentury White House Conference on Children and Youth]
12:00 pm Dr. F.A. Middlebush, President, University of Missouri
Mr. Allen McReynolds, President Board of Curators
Mr. Guy Thompson of St. Louis.
Mr. Roscoe Anderson, of St. Louis
Mr. Stratton Shartel, of Kansas City
(This arranged by Mr. Charles Ross)
12:15 pm Senator Allen J. Frear, Jr., Delaware
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly yesterday to say he needed to see
the President on an urgent matter pertaining to Delaware.)
12:30 pm Mr. Joseph Keenan, A. F. of L.
Mr. Joseph Kehoe, of Streetcar Men's Union
Mr. Daniel McNamara, of Streetcar Men's Union
(Mr. Keenan asked Mr. Matthew Connelly to arrange this.)
12:45 pm (The President left for the Capitol with
Mr. Clark Clifford and Mr. Charles Ross, where he attended a luncheon
at 1:00 p.m., in the Speaker's Dining Room. This is
the Speaker's [Sam Rayburn] Birthday.)
3:15 pm The Secretary of the Treasury [John W. Snyder]
3:30 pm Honorable Frank Pace, Director, Bureau of the Budget
(Briefing on Seminar -- one hour)

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