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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Tuesday, January 17, 1950
10:00 am (Staff Meeting)
11:00 am Honorable Brien McMahon
Senator William Benton
11:15 am Mr. Matthew Woll, Second Vice President, American Federation
of Labor
11:30 am Honorable Joseph Darst, Mayor of St. Louis
Mr. Peter Maravalle
Mr. John M. Dwyer
General R.E. Truman
(Mayor Darst called Mr. Connelly to arrange for these
Members of the 35th Division Reunion association Committee to call
on the President.)
11:45 am The President received the members of the President's
Advisory Committee on Management Improvement:
Mr. Lawrence. A. Appley
Mr. Herbert Emmerich
Mr. Richard S. Mason
Mr. Thomas A. Morgan
Mr. Otto L. Nelson
Mr. James. L. Palmer
Mr. Marcellus Sheild
Mr. Vincent Durke
Mr. Oscar Chapman
Mr. Gordon Gray
Webb, Hon. James E.
12:00 pm The President received members of the National Emergency
Civil Rights Mobilization:
Mr. Thomas C. Allen
Arnold Aronsen
Felix Cohen
Thurman Townsend
Jules Cohen
Thurmond L. Dodson
Benjamin Epstein
Mr. Dorothy Farebee
Elmer Henderson
Adolph Held
R.A. Hester
Irving Kane
Mrs. I. Lee Levy
Charles M. LaFollette
Rabbi Irving Miller
John O'Connor
Hobson R. Reynolds
Rev.Sandy Ray
A. Philip Randolph
Roy Reuther
Michael Straight
David Solomon
Mis Alma Vessels
Mrs. Robert L. Vann
Roy Wilkins
Boyd L. Wilson
[Public Papers: Remarks to a Delegation From the National Emergency Civil Rights Mobilization Conference]
12:15 pm Honorable Owen Brewster, Senator From Maine
(Called Mr. Connelly)
12:30 pm The Secretary of Defense [Louis Johnson]
The Secretary of the Navy [Francis P. Matthews]
(Usual weekly appointment)
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:00 pm (The President made an inspection tour for airport sites--
there are 3 proposed sites; one is Chantilly, a site Northwest
of Washington; one in Fairfax County, Va.; and one in Annandale,
5:00 pm (The Attorney General [J. Howard McGrath])
The Very Reverend Robert J. Slavin, Order of Preachers,
President, Providence College, Providence, Rhode Island
(Mr. Thomas A. Monahan, Providence College)
5:10 pm (The Secretary of Labor [Maurice J. Tobin])
9:40 pm (Left Blair House with Mrs. Truman to attend Annual
Reception in their honor given by the American Newspaper
Women's Clubs at the Pan American Building.)

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