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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, April 8, 1949
    [Public Papers: Statement by the President Making Public the First Report of the President's Committee on Religion and Welfare in the Armed Forces]
10:30 am (Tommy Murphy)
11:15 am (Mr. John Crain)
(To present the President with a painting of Bolivar.
Arranged by General Harry Vaughan, who will bring Mr. Crain
11:45 am Honorable Frank L. Weil, Chairman, the President's Committee
on Religion and Welfare in the Armed Forces
Mr. Truman Gibson
Mr. Mark A. McCloskey
Rev. Edmund A. Walsh
Mr. Charles K. Brightbill, Executive Secretary
(Mr. David Stowe)
(Arranged at suggestion of Mr. Dawson)
12:00 pm H. E. Signor Alberto Tarchiani, the Ambassador of Italy
Hon. Giulio Pastore, Secretary General of the Free
General Confederation of Labor
Dr. Giovanni Canini
Dr. Appio Claudio Rocchi
(Heads of Right Wing Socialists and Republicans in aforesaid General
Confederation of Labor)
(The Department of State requested that the President
receive these representatives of the Italian Free
Labor Unions, brought to the United States by the ECA
to study the problems of labor in this country. The
group will have completed a tour of the United States)
12:15 pm Honorable Joseph J. O'Connell, Chairman, CAB
(Mr. Matthew Connelly told Mr. O'Connell the President wished
to see him)
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
4:00 pm (Mr. William Boyle)
(One half hour)
4:40 pm (Phil Regan)
6:25 pm The Preident attended the Jefferson-Jackson Executive
Committee Buffet Supper.
7:35 pm [Public Papers: Remarks at a Supper for the Jefferson-Jackson Day Executive Committee]

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