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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, April 7, 1949
    [Public Papers: Exchange of Messages Between the President and Prime Minister Attlee on the Anniversary of the Signing of the Foreign Assistance Act]
9:45 am Senator Robert S. Kerr, Okla.
(Called Mr. Connelly yesterday to ask for this)
10:00 am (Mr. Henry Dockweiler, of Calif.)
(Off the record)
10:15 am Honorable Frank Pace, Director, Bureau of the Budget
(One-half hour)
10:45 am Congressman Watkins Abbitt, Virginia
Honorable G. B. Buchanan, Mayor of Appomattox, Va.
Mr. D. T. Robertson, Member Town Council
Mr. C. H. Robinson, Editor of Paper of Appomattox
Mr. Leon Anderson, Business man of Appomattox
Mr. J. H. Lucado, Member of Town Council
Mr. J. C. Hudgins, busines man
(Congressman Abbitt asked Mr. Connelly to arrange this,
stating that the townsmen of Appomattox had had made
some very beautiful china plates bearing a reproduction
in colors and gold of the McClean House where the surrender
took place, and adding that they wished to present one
of these plates to the President.)
11:00 am (Honorable Edward M. Webster, Member of F. C. C.)
(Off the record - Mr. Connelly asked him to come in
and see the President)
11:15 am Honorable Evan Howell, Judge of U. S. Court of Claims
(Arranged by Clark Clifford)
11:30 am Congressman Frederic R. Coudert, Jr., N. Y.
(Called Mr. Connelly a week ago to ask for this)
11:40 am (Captain James E. Lewis and fiancee)
11:45 am Senator Owne Brewster, Maine
Senator Margaret Chase Smith, Maine
Honorable Wallace H. White, Maine (Former Senator)
(Senator Brewster asked Mr. Connelly to arrange this)
12:00 pm Honorable Herbert Hoover
(In Washington just today and asked for this.)
12:15 pm Senator Francis J. Myers, Pa.
Mr. Lamar Perkins
Elder S. L. Michaux
Mr. E. C. Wright
Judge Armond W. Scott
Mr. Horace M. Bond
Mr. Earl Dales
Dr. Nathaniel Duff
Congressman William T. Granahan, Pa.
(Senator Myers asked Mr. Connelly to arrange this. on
February 1st, Freedom Day in Pennsylvania, this group
voted to give the President the National Freedom Day
Award, and as the President could not go to Philadelphia,
they postponed the actual presentation, and then
asked Senator Myers to arrange it.)
12:30 pm The Secretary of State [Dean G. Acheson]
(Usual Thursday appointment)
1:00 pm (Lunch)
4:00 pm Press and Radio Conference [Public Papers]
5:30 pm At the Blair House - the President received:
The Foreign Minister of Great Britain, Honorable Ernest Bevin
The British Ambassador, Sir Oliver Franks
The Foreign Minister of France, Hon. Robert Shuman
The French Ambassador, H. E. Henri Bonnett [Bonnet]
The Secretary of State [Dean G. Acheson]
The Under Secretary of State
The Chief of Protocol

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