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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, April 27, 1949
9:30 am (Mr. Augustus Tach [Tack]- painter.)
(For a ten-minute talk. Off the record)
10:00 am Senator J. Howard McGrath
The Speaker [Sam Rayburn]
Senator Francis J. Myers, Pa.
Congressman John W. McCormack, Mass.
(Honorable Donald Dawson)
(Honorable Charles Murphy)
(Arranged by Senator J. Howard McGrath)
10:30 am Congressman Charles E. Bennett, Florida
(Asked to come in and discuss two bills which he has
introduced, H. R. 120 to provide for federal financing
of construction of Negro and Indian schools, and H. J.
Res. 91, which redefines treason)
10:45 am Congressman Phil Welch, of Mo.
(Asked Mr. Matthew Connelly for this, stating he wished to dis-
cuss an appointment to the War Claims Commission)
11:00 am Mr. V. E. Phillips
(Of Kansas City. Wrote Mr. Matthew Connelly that he would be
here at this time and would like to call on the President)
11:30 am The Secretary of Defense [Louis Johnson]
(This is Mr. Louis Johnson's regular set weekly conference,
usually held on Tuesday.)
12:00 pm Honorable George R. Merrell, American Minister to Ethiopia
(To pay respects and to say goodbye before returning to
his post at Addis Ababa.)
12:15 pm Mr. Del Webb, Owner of New York Yankees
(Presented to the President a special pass for the New
York Yankee games.)
12:30 pm (Mr. Richard E. Dougharty, Advisory Consultant, N. Y.
Central System)
(Arranged at the suggestion of Don Dawson - off the
12:45 pm Dr. Frank L. Mott, Dean, School of Journalism, University
of Missouri
Mr. Al Muto, International News Photos
Mr. John Howe, Chairman of Board of Encyclopedia
(Presented to the President a copy of the book, "Great
Pictures, 1948". Al Muto took the picture of the President
reading the Chicago Tribune morning after election, which
won the annual prize of the School of Journalism's
12:55 pm (Mr. and Mrs. Corbett)
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:15 pm (Judge Caskie Collet)
3:30 pm (The Secretary of Treasury [John W. Snyder])
4:00 pm (Honorable Jonathan Daniels)
4:30 pm (Mr. Paul Dillon)

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