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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Monday, April 25, 1949
10:45 am (Mr. Jerome Walsh, his sister, and her friend (both Nuns)
(At the request of Mr. Walsh, off-the-record)
11:00 am Mr. James Patton, President, National Farmers Union
Mr. Glenn Talbott, Chairman, Executive Committee
(Mr. Patton wrote Mr. Matthew Connelly April 19th, to ask if they
might see the President at this time to discuss Farm Program
and other legislation.)
11:15 am Honorable Wright Morrow, Democratic National Committeeman,
(Requested, through Bill Boyle, opportunity to pay respects
to the President. Mr. Boyle says that Mr. Morrow has a check
for $15,000 which he is going to turn over to the Committee.
Check represents amount of money raised by dinner recently
given in Texas. Mr. Boyle suggested that Mr. Morrow bring the
check with him when he calls on the President.)
11:30 am Honorable W. J. Kennedy, Chairman, Railroad Retirement Board
(Congressman Crosser of Ohio phoned Mr. Matthew Connelly to request
this appointment for Mr. Kennedy)
11:45 am (Honorable John L. Sullivan, the Secretary of the Navy)
(Admiral Louis Denfeld)
(Vice Admiral John D. Price)
12:00 pm The President received the Members of the Small Business
  Advisory Committee of the Department of Commerce:
  Mr. John Arrington Mr. Don Belding
  Mr. John Aitken Mr. Walter R. Bimson
  Mr. William E. Draper Mr. N. H. Engle
  Mr. William S. Ford Mr. C. Cree Gable
  Mr. C. F. Hughitt Mr. Charles M. Kaletzki
  Mr. Larry Lane Mr. Charles J. Luthe
  Mr. H. B. McCoy Mr. Myles L. Mace
  Mr. Harry L. Miller Mr. Daniel O'Brien
  Mr. Charles S. Ragland Mr. John C. Ridley
  Mr. Russell A. Stevenson Mr. Ross Stewart
  Mr. Hayse Tucker Mr. Robert Weaver
  Mr. Lysander T. White
  (Secretary Charles Sawyer brought the Members to the White House.
  Appointment arranged at his request.)
12:15 pm Honorable Paul Reynaud, former Premier of France
Honorable Armand Berard, Charge d'Affaires of the French
(Requested through Mr. Woodward. Mr. Woodward states
Reynaud, Prime Minister at time of German invasion
of France, opposed both the German, and later the
Vichy Governments.)
12:30 pm The Secretary of State [Dean G. Acheson]
(Usual Monday appointment)
1:00 pm (The President and Mrs. Truman gave a luncheon in
honor of the President of Israel and Mrs. Chaim Weizmann
at the Blair House.)
4:00 pm Honorable Frank Pace, Director, Bureau of Budget

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