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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, April 22, 1949
    [Public Papers: Special Message to the Congress on the Nation's Health Needs]
9:45 am (Honorable Dean Acheson, Secretary of State)
10:00 am Cabinet
(Postmaster General absent. Honorable Averell Harriman present)
11:00 am (Honorable Averell Harriman)
11:15 am Senator Clinton P. Anderson, New Mexico
Senator Dennis Chavez, New Mexico
Mr. George Reynolds, part owner of Santa Fe New Mexican
Newspaper of Santa Fe
(Senator Anderson asked Mr. Connelly to arrange this)
11:30 am Senator Hubert Humphrey, Minnesota
Mr. Orville Freeman, Minnesota Democratic State Chairman
Mr. William C. Simms, Administrative Assistant to Senator Humphrey
(Senator Humphrey asked Mr. Connelly to arrange this)
11:45 am Mrs. J. Borden Harriman
Mr. A. L. Wheeler, State Chairman for D. of C.
(Mrs. Harriman phoned Mr. Connelly to ask for this.)
12:00 pm H. E. Mr. Norman J. O. Makin, the Ambassador of
Sir Frederick Shedden, Secretary of Defense of Australia
(Sir Frederick is now in United States for discussions
with our defense officials and bears a personal letter
to the President from Australian Prime Minister Chifley.)
12:15 pm Honorable Myron M. Cowen, American Ambassador to the
Republic of the Philippines
(Asked Mr. Connelly to arrange this)
12:30 pm (Mr. William A. Delano, of N. Y. - architect)
(Wrote Mr. Connelly he exepcted to be here today,
and would like five minutes with the President to answer
a question which the President put to him concerning appoint-
ments to the Commission of Fine Arts. Off-the-record)
12:45 pm (Mr. Richard Leach - off the record)
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:00 pm (Commissioner John Kane of Pittsburgh, Penn.)
3:25 pm (The President left for the Statler Hotel, where he spoke
informally to meeting of American Society of Newspaper Editors)
3:35 pm [Public Papers: Remarks at a Meeting with the American Society of Newspaper Editors]
4:00 pm (Mr. Neal Helm and friends)
4:15 pm (Honorable Frank Pace, Director, Bureau of Budget)
(Honorable Fred Lawton)
4:30 pm (Dentist)

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