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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, April 15, 1949
    [Public Papers: Statement by the President Commending the National Capital Sesquicentennial Commission]
10:00 am (Mr. Joe Guilfoyle and wife)
(Off the record)
10:15 am Honorable James Bruce, American Ambassador to Argentina
(Asked Mr. Matthew Connelly to arrange)
10:30 am Mr. Ward Canaday
11:30 am Honorable Edward A. Tamm, Judge U. S. District Court, D. C.
(Asked Mr. Matthew Connelly to arrange)
11:45 am Dr. Channing Frothingham, Chairman, Committee for
the Nation's Health
Honorable William Green, A. F. of L.
Mr. Harvey Brown, President, International Association of
Mr. James Carey, Secretary, CIO
Mr. Chat Paterson, Executive Director, Committee for the
Nation's Health
Mr. Nathan Robertson, Secretary, Committee for the Nation's
(Dr. Frothingham asked for the Committee to meet with
the President to present a verbal report on their work
on behalf of the President's national health insurance
bill, and also to submit formal report prepared by the
Committee on Research in Medical Economics on the record
of the American Medical Association in opposing voluntary
health insurance programs.)
12:00 pm The President met with the Commissioners of the National
Capital Sesquicentennial Commission:
Senator Kenneth McKellar, Tenn.
Speaker Sam Rayburn
Senator Spessard L. Holland, Fla.
Senator J. Howard McGrath, R. I.
Senator Margaret Chase Smith, Maine
Representative Mary T. Norton, N. J.
Representative Walt Horan, Washington
Commissioner John Russell Young
Mr. Carter T. Barron
Mr. Joseph C. McGarraghy
Mr. Robert V. Fleming
Honorable Robert Woods Bliss
Mrs. Philip L. Graham
(Mr. Matthew Connelly called this meeting for the President)
12:15 pm Vice Admiral A. W. Radford
(Arranged by Admiral Robert Dennison)
12:30 pm The President received the members of the National
  Conference of Business Paper Editors. (This is a joint
  meeting of Canadian and American business paper editors-
  arranged at the request of Paul Wooton)
  Marcus Ainsworth Automotive Industries
  Norbert Brown
  George Baker Chilton Publications
  Edward S. Babcox, Jr. Tire Review
  R. M. Barbour Consolidated Press
  H. C. Braund Plant Administration
  Stanley Cohen Advertising Age
  Colin Carmichael Machine Design
  Floyd S. Chalmers Mcclean-Hunter Publications
  Maurice E. Cox Opital Journal
  W. A. Craick Industrial Canada
  R. E. Crawford Canadian Machinery
  Bainbridge Crist Tide
  T. J. V. Cullen The Speactator
  Thomas Creighton
  Clifford Daniels Canadian Trade Abroad
  M. K. Darby Geyer Publications
  C. B. Delgado The Glass Industry
  Arthur M. Dix Purchasing
  Julien Elfenbein Haire Publications
  Tom Falco McGraw-Hill Publications
  R. L Fitzgerald Boot & Shoe Recorder
  Joseph M. Gambatese McGraw-Hill Publications
  Thomas Holden
  Edward F. Hamm, Jr. Traffic World
  Eugene J. Hardy Chilton Publications
  Carl C. Harrington Mill and Factory
  Charles J. Heale Hardware Age
  Charles O. Herb Machinery
  Burton Holmes Progressive Architecture
  George T. Hook Commercial Car Journal
  A. H. Hubbell Engineering and Mining Journal
  Bert T. Huston Canadian Grocer
  Irving B. Hexter Flow
  Guy Hubbard
  W. E. Irish Industrial Equipment News
  Ronald A. Keith Maclean-Hunter Publications
  Harvey Jones Canadian Purchasor
  Lansford F. King Jewelers Circular-Keystone
  Andrew W. Kramer Power Generation
  E. C. Kreutzberg Penton Publications
  Arnold Kruckman American Artisan
  Palmer Langdon Finishing Publications
  W. Arthur Lee Gladd Digest
  Bert Linz Oil and Gas Journal
  George E. Lockwood Paper Trade Journal
  Richard G. Lurie American Exporter
  George P. Lutjen Engineering and Mining Journal
  James G. Lyne Railway Age
  Louise C. Mann American Paint Journal
  E. W. Mayo, Jr. Sugar
  Gordon W. McBride Food Industries
  John W. McPherrin American Druggist
  Napier Moore Maclean-Hunter Publications
  Richard Morris Plant Engineering
  Carl Morrison Bakers Helper
  Ernest Mickel
  George Nichols
  John T. Ogden Glass Industry
  Judd Payne Architectural Record
  Edgar A. Poe Business Press News Bureau
  Olive E. Potter Contractors & Engineers Monthly
  B. K. Price Steel
  Eldridge Peterson
  Karl Rannells Chilton Publications
  Kingsley L. Rice Technical Publications
  Andrew Schuyler
  H. L Southall Maclean-Hunter Publishing Co.
  Lawrence E. Stafford Business Press News Bureau
  Royden Stewart The Glass Packer
  Joseph C. Sullivan Penton Publications
  Stanley Smith
  Walter Taft Railway Age
  C. B. Tavenner Railway Age
  Robert L. Taylor Chemical Industries
  James Thomson Hardware & Metal
  Frank P. Tighe Motor Age
  Florence A. Van Wyck Architectural Record
  Walter O. Voegele Ahrens Publications
  F. W. Wallce National Business Publications
  J. J. Wallace Holliday Publications
  H. P. Weston Consolidated Press
  Theodore Whitman Distribution Age
  Robert Whitney American Lumberman
  J. G. Wilcox Hardware Age
  M. A. Williamson McGraw-Hill Publications
  Kenneth Wilson Maclean-Hunger Publications
  Frank J. Winters Iron Age
  Paul Wooton, President, National Conference of Business
  Paper Editors
  Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Wheelock
    [Public Papers: Remarks to Members of the National Conference of Business Paper Editors]

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