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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, August 13, 1948
9:30 am (Mr. Fred Healy)
11:00 am Secretary of the Army [Kenneth C. Royall]
Mr. J. E. Thorpe, of Franklin, N. C.
(Secretary Kenneth C. Royall asked if he might bring Mr. Thorpe in to see
the President)
11:15 am Honorable James E. Webb, Director, Bureau of the Budget
11:30 am Mr. Frederick S. Weaver, Director of Public Relations,
Community of Harlem
Honorable Sherman Hibbitt, Unofficial Mayor of Harlem
Mr. Jack Caldwell; Robert Taylor
Mr. Lloyd Blaine, President Cimmaron Club of D. C.,
a Negro social club.
(Mr. Frederick S. Weaver was formerly Deuputy Recorder of Deeds,
Washington, D. C., and presently handling public relations for
Community and its Mayor. Asked to have arranged this courtesy
call on the President for "Mayor" Hibbitt, elected unoffical Mayor
in a popular electoin held last March, participated in by the Manhattan
Boro President, Mr. Hugo Rogers, who also administered the oath of
office to Hibbitt at public inauguration. They also sponsor
weekly radio program over WMCA each Monday night called Harlem-USA.
Dr. Channing Tobias discussed the Civil Rights Program on it
three weeks ago and they feel it can be helpful in coming
election. David Niles thought they should be given this
11:45 am Major General Lewis B. Hershey, Director of Selective Service
(Told Director Webb he wanted to bring in a memorandum
to the President)
12:00 pm (The President presented a Commendation Ribbon to Major Joseph
D. Mitchell)
(This award for meritorius service as White House Liaison Officer
and Assistant Secretary, General Staff, Department of the Army, from
January 1946 to July 1948. This was a surprise to Major Mitchell and
his wife invited the following guests:
Dr. and Mrs. George W. Mitchell (parents)
Mrs. J. D. Mitchell (wife)
Brig. Gen. James E. Moore, Secretary, General Staff
Lt. Col. M. M. Magee, Asst. Secretary, General Staff
Lt. Col. D. M. Oden, Asst. Secretary, General Staff
Mrs. Romney
12:15 pm Honorable Paul G. Hoffman, Administrator, Economic Cooperation
(Phoned Mr. Matthew Connelly on Wednesday to ask for this appointment)
12:30 pm Honorable Owen J. Roberts, former Associate Justice of the
Supreme Court of the United States
(The President presented the Medal for Merit to Justice
Roberts. This was a surprise ceremony and the following guests
were present:
Mrs. Owen J. Roberts (wife)
Mrs. Charles Hamilton and son-in-law
Owen Roberts Hamilton, aged 8 years (grandson)
Miss B. Frances Jackson (secretary)
Mr. Cunningham
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:30 pm (The President posed with Secretary of Labor Maurice Tobin for photo-
graphs; received Mrs. Tobin, and children and a large group of
Massachusetts friends of Secretary Maurice Tobin who had accompanied
him from Boston for his swearing-in ceremonies)
4:00 pm The President left by car with General George C. Marshall for Leesburg, Va.
stopping enroute at Balls Bluff, Civil War Battlefield. The
President dined with General and Mrs. Marshall at their
Leesburg home. He returned to Washington by motor going direct to the
Navy Yard where he boarded the USS WILLIAMSBURG for cruise.

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