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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, February 6, 1948
10:00 am Cabinet [Meeting] [minutes]
(All present)
11:00 am The President received the following group from the
Fraternal Order of Eagles, who conferred upon him
the Order's Civic Service Award:
DeVere Watson, Grand Worthy Vice President, F.O.E.
William H. Mostyn, Rochester, N. Y.
Norman J. Gidley, Philadelphia, Pa.
Francis O. Quinn, New Bedford, Mass.
John R. Taggert, Buffalo, New York
Matthew M. Brown, Springfield, Ohio
Murray Martin, New York, New York
William Leftwich, photographer
(They invited the President to attend their Golden
Anniversary Luncheon at the Shoreham Hotel today,
but were asked instead to make presentation in
his office.)
11:15 am (Honorable Bryce Smith)
11:30 am Mr. Orville E. Meby
Major O. W. Clark, newly elected Potentate of Shrine
for Washington and surrounding territories
(The Major is also one of top officials in Veterans
Administration. Appointment requested by Senator
Burton K. Wheeler)
12:00 pm H.E. Mahmoud Hassan Bey, the Ambassador of Egypt
(Honorable Stanley Woodward)
(The Ambassador is retiring and before relinquishing
post - has been Minister and then Ambassador here
for past nine years - wished to pay respects)
12:15 pm The President received the Board of Directors of the
Mutual Broadcasting System:
Em. M. Antrim, Secretary of the Board of Mutual,
Chicago, Illinois
Willet H. Brown, Vice President and Assistant
General Manager, Hollywood, California
Chesser Campbell, Treasurer, and Advertising Manager,
Chicago, Illinois
J. E. Campeau, Detroit, Michigan
H. K. Carpenter, Cleveland, Ohio
Benedict Gimbel, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa.
William Hillman, Washington, D. C.
Edgar Kobak, President, Mutual Broadcasting System,
New York, New York
T. F. O'Neil, Vice President, Boston, Mass.
J. R. Poppele, New York, New York
T. C. Steibert, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Mutual
Robert D. Swezey, Vice President and General Manager,
Mutual Broadcasting System, New York
Linus Travers, Boston, Mass.
James E. Wallen
Treasurer, Controller and Assistant Secretary
Mutual Broadcasting System, New York, New York
Lewis Allen Weiss, Chairman of the Board of Mutual,
Hollywood, California
Mr. Sterling Graham, General Manager, Cleveland Plain
Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio
(Appointment arranged at the request of Bill Hillman)
12:30 pm (Honorable William Pawley, U. S. Ambassador to
12:45 pm The President received State Presidents of the Reserve
Officers Association:
Abbott, Harry P., Lt. Colonel
Adams, Donald B., Brig. Gen.
Agostini, German, Lt. Colonel
Baker, C. D., Colonel
Barnes, Clarence E., Colonel
Bell, Arthur S., Colonel
Berman, Joseph E., Colonel
Booker, L. R., Major
Bortz, Clifford H., Colonel
Bost, Armon H., Colonel
Boyer, Charles M., Colonel
Brackett, Max A., Colonel
Brown, Clyde H., Colonel
Burett, William F., Lt. Colonel
Bush, Richard M., Lt. Colonel
Callahan, Noel, Lt. Colonel
Callum, Preston D., Colonel
Candler, John S., II, Colonel
Carlton, John T., Colonel
Carter, John L., Colonel
Chapman, Robert B. III, Lt. Col.
Coleman, John E., Colonel
Collins, Thomas E., Lt.
Conner, H. D., Maj.
Dahl, William E., Lt. Col.
Dorst, Howard E., Lt. Col.
Dunaway, August, Lt. Col.
Eklund, Roy G., Lt. Col.
Ellis, William H., Lt.
Evans, E. A., Brig. Gen.
Evans, E. A., Mrs.
Fitch, Lucius W., Major
Fromhold, Walfried H., Lt. Col.
Geffner, David G., Lt. Col.
Getzoff, Benjamin, Col.
Given, Roscoe N., Lt. Col.
Gravely, Louis O., Jr., Lt. Col.
Hammach, Thelma, Mrs.
Harper, C. Armitage, Col.
Held, Lewis I., Col.
Higgins, John D., Brig. Gen.
Hill, John Bright, Col.
Hollers, James P., Colonel
Hollers, Mrs. James P.
Hopkins, Elliot B., Colonel
Hood, Colonel Warren S.
Iversen, Lyle L., Lt. Col.
King, Norman, Lt. Col.
Lack, Norman M., Col.
Lankford, Alice, Miss
Lipscomb, Harold J., Col.
Livermand, Jane, Miss
Mass, Melvin, Col.
Major, Earl E., Col.
Manchester, MacArthur, Capt.
McAuley, Dave H., Lt. Col.
McConnell, John T., Brig. Col.
Miller, L. V., Colonel
Milligan, James J., Col.
Morgan, Sidney, Col.
Mulvaney, Vincent, Lt. Col.
Mutty, John E., Col.
Myers, James H., Col.
Neblett, William H., Col.
Nulton, Henry C., Lt. Col.
Oliver, John P., Col.
Otto, Martin H., Col.
Perkins, Harry L., Col.
Richardson, John W., Lt. Col.
Riggs, Ralph S., Rear Adm.
Sadler, Paul W., Major
Samms, Virgil M., Lt. Col.
Shyns, William K., Col.
Silverberg, Edward M., Col.
Simpson, Howard B., Colonel
Smith, Charles T., Col.
Smith, Joseph C., Lt. Col.
Stevens, Robert L., Lt. Col.
Stevenson, Charles, Captain
Sublett, Coulter, Col.
Tennant, Francis S., Maj.
Tyler, Gerald R., Lt. Col.
Westover, Wendell, Brig. Gen.
Westover, Mrs. Wendell
Wetmore, Raymond M., Lt.
White, Edward L., Colonel
Williams, James R., Col.
Willoughby, H. N., Lt. Colonel
Wynes, R. J., Captain
Young, William, Colonel
Doyel, G. G., Lt. Commander
Fitch, Mrs. Lucius W.
Parrish, Clement C., Colonel
Pirkle, Charles, Col.
Aellhoefer, H. W. K., Col.
(General Harry Vaughan arranged)
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:30 pm Honorable James V. Forrestal, Secretary of Defense
Honorable Kenneth C. Royall, Secretary of the Army
4:30 pm (Honorable Lowell Mason)
7:20 pm (The President left for Pentagon Building to
attend informal dinner in honor of General Dwight
D. Eisenhower)

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