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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Monday, February 2, 1948
    [Public Papers: Special Message to the Congress on Civil Rights]
10:00 am Senator Howard McGrath, R. I.
(Honorable Donald Dawson)
(To discuss several invitations to the President and
several appointments)
11:00 am Senator Scott Lucas, Illinois
11:15 am Congressman Brent Spence, Ky.
11:30 am Congressman Alfred L. Bulwinkle, N. C.
Dr. S. C. Michelfelder
(Dr. Michelfelder is Lutheran clergyman and represents
at Geneva National Lutheran Council. He has been
in Europe for past two weeks looking after relief
sent to Europeans by Lutherans of America. Returns to
Geneva in about ten days - requested by Congressman
11:45 am Mr. Herbert Hill, Democratic State Chairman, N. H.
Mr. Gael Sullivan
(Requested by Gael Sullivan)
11:55 am Mr. Don Bloomingdale
(Requested by Gael Sullivan)
12:00 pm The President met with his Advisory Commission on
Universal Training:
Dr. Harold W. Dodds
Mrs. Anna Rosenberg
Mr. Truman K. Gibson, Jr.
Dr. Karl T. Compton
Dr. Daniel A. Poling
Mr. Charles E. Wilson
(Regrets received from Father Walsh and Mr. Joseph
Davies. Judge Rosenman unable to attend as he
was away from New York)
12:30 pm The Secretary of State [George C. Marshall]
(Usual Monday appointment)
1:00 pm (Cabinet Luncheon - all present except the Secretaries
of State and Treasury and the Postmaster General)
3:30 pm (The Secretary of the Treasury [John W. Snyder])
4:00 pm (The President joined Mrs. Truman at White House
Tea for Women Broadcasters)
5:15 pm (In Study)
(Senator Howard McGrath)
(Mr. Edward Tamm)

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