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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Tuesday, February 17, 1948
    [Public Papers: Special Message to the Senate Transmitting the International Telecommunication Convention]
8:30 am (Mr. Augustus Tach [Tack]- artist)
10:20 am (The President left for the Interdepartmental Auditorium,
Labor Department, where he opened the Conference of
National Women's Organizations, called by the
Women's Bureau of the Department of Labor)
[Public Papers: Remarks at the Opening Session of the Women's Bureau Conference]
10:30 am (Mr. Fred Canfil)
11:15 am Senator Harley M. Kilgore, W. Va.
(Phoned Mr. Connelly yesterday for this appointment)
11:30 am (The Secretary of Agriculture [Clinton P. Anderson])
(Phoned yesterday)
11:45 am Honorable William Benton, former Assistant Secretary
of State
(Wanted private appointment before the President saw
the UNESCO group)
12:00 pm The President received the Members of the United
  States National Commission for the United Nations
  Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization:
  [Remarks of the President: View Text]
  Allen, Mr. George V. Benton, William
  Acheson, Barclay Bradford, Saxton
  Barrett, Mr. Edward W. Bowles, Chester
  Beals, Mr. Ralph A. Borchardt, Selma
  Bloedorn, Mr. Walter S. Boushall, Thomas C.
  Bailey, Fred Bronk, Dotlev
  Charrington, Ben Mark Compton, Arthur H.
  Cruikshank, Nelson H. Croft, Huber O.
  Canham, Erwin D. Carr, William G.
  Clarke, Gilmore D. Cartwright, Morse A.
  Dorsey, Stephen P. Dykstra, Clarence A.
  Dale, Edgar Doyle, Henry Cratton
  Evans, Luther H. Eisenhower, Milton S.
  Edgell, George Harold Emmerich, Herbert
  Eby, Kermit Finley, Davie E.
  Gray, Gen. Carl R. Gustavson, Reuben
  Gates, Thomas S. Gideonse, Henry D.
  Gates, Robert M. Horton, Mrs. Mildred McAfee
  Hunt, Harold C. Hughes, Rees H.
  Himstead, Ralph E. Harkness, Albert
  Hoffman, Paul G. Hochwalt, Monsignor Frederick G.
  Hughes, Mrs. L. W. Heming, Mrs. Charles E.
  Hanson, Howard Harrison, Ross G.
  Johnson, Charles S. Johnson, F. Ernest
  Johnston, Eric Lenroot, Katherine [Katharine] F.
  Leland, Waldo G. Logan, Rayford
  Lardie, Mrs. Katheen MacLeish, Archibald
  Murray, Sen. James E. Morrow, Chester E.
  Murrow, Edward R. Marshall, James
  McHale, Kathryn McLanahan, C. J.
  Miller, Justin McCormick, Mrs. Anne
  Parran, Thomas Pullen, Thomas G.
  Ruml, Beardsley Rosenberg, Mrs. Anna
  Rich, Daniel C. Ribble, Frederick
  Rosenblum, Rabbi Wm. F. Sargeant, Howland
  Sargeant, Howland Stone, Donald C.
  Studebaker, John W. Shuster, George N.
  Southall, Maycie Stoddard, A. J.
  Stoddard, Geo. D. Shapley, Harlow
  Shavely, Guy E. Sproborg, Mrs. William Dick
  Stanford, Edward V. Stromberg, P.G.
  Sullivan, Donald F. Smith, Robert S.
  Thomson, Charles Urey, Harold C.
  Ulveling, Ralph A. Van Leer, Balke R.
  Wetmore, Alexander Whitney, John Hay
  Wright, Exec. Sec. Louise
  Wanamaker, Mrs. Pearl A. White, Helen C.
  West, Harry F. Weagley, Mrs. Roy C.
  Walker, Hudson Wilson, Howard
  Weil, Frank Yoemans, Edward
  Young, Donald Zook, George P.
12:15 pm Honorable Walter Thurston, American Ambassador to
(To pay respects before returning to his post
at Mexico City)
12:30 pm Major General Philip B. Fleming
Mr. Verl Langford, "Driver of the Year"
(General Fleming requested this so that photograph
of the President, Mr. Langford and General Fleming
might be made)
12:45 pm The President received a group of prominent citizens
from Princton, representing United World
Federalists, Inc.:
Aydelotte, Dr. Frank
Beckley, Father Quinton
Butler, Mr. Russell
Burns, James B.
Lord, Mrs. Thorn
Morse, Dr. Marston
Morgan, Minot
McAlpin, David, Jr.
Shellabarger, Mr. Samuel
Sprague, John
Williams, Mr. Lea
(This request for an appointment came originally from
Bob Moore of the Democratic National Committee, who
had received a letter from Richard J. Hughes, Democratic
County Chairman, making this request. This Committee
will present to the President a petition from their
community advocating the enlargement of the authority
of the United Nations to include sovereign
powers to establish world government.)
12:55 pm (General Philip Fleming)
1:00 pm (An off the record luncheon for the Under Secretaries,
as follows:
Norris E. Dodd, Department of Agriculture
William C. Foster, Department of Commerce
Oscar L. Chapman, Department of Interior
Philip B. Perlman, Solicitor General of the
United States, Department of Justice
David A. Morse, Department of Labor
William H. Draper, Jr., Under Secretary,
Department of the Army
Arthur S. Barrows, Department of the Air Force
Vincent C. Burke, First Assistant Postmaster
General Post Office Department
Robert A. Lovett, Department of State
Archibald L. M. Wiggins, Department of Treasury
Major General Philip B. Fleming
3:00 pm (Mr. Dexter Perry)
3:30 pm (Mr. Ted Marks)
3:40 pm (Colonel Hank Myers)
7:20 pm Left for Constitution Hall with Mrs. Truman and Miss
Margaret Truman for performance of Lottie Lehman.

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