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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, February 12, 1948
8:30 am (Mr. Onestus Uzzell - artist)
10:15 am (Honorable Wm. Pawley, U.S. Ambassador to Brazil)
10:45 am (Mr. Eugene Tierney)
11:00 am Honorable James E. Webb, Director, Bureau of the Budget
11:15 am Senator Claude Pepper, Fla.
Senator Spessard L. Holland, Fla.
Congressman Dwight L. Rogers, Fla.
Congressman George A. Smathers, Fla.
Bruce Blackburn, Mayor, St. Petersburg
L. H. Blouch, Councilman, Ft. Myers
Reed Bryan, Mayor, Ft. Lauderdale
Harold Colee, Exec. Secy., State Chamber of Commerce,
Robert Floyd, Mayor, Miami
Leo Fugle, Mayor, Deland
Curtis Gardiner, City Attorney, Daytona Beach
George Goebel, Daytona Beach
H. L. Gray, Mayor, Gainesville
Hubert Griggs, Mayor, Cocoa
A. Sterling Hall, Mayor, Bradenton
LeRoy Hall, City Commissioner, Daytona Beach
L. Tinsley Halter, Mayor, West Palm Beach
Charles Larsen, Manager of Utilities, Lakeland
William J. Loseman, Jr., City Engineer, Daytona Beach
P. Lowden, Supt. of R.E.S., Keystone Heights
William T. McIlwain, City Manager, Coral Gables
Junius B. Mobley, Jr., City Manager, Gainesville
Donald Mustaine, City Commissioner, Ft. Pierce
William K. Outman, State Secy, of Agric.'s Office,
E. T. Owen, representing Jacksonville and Orlando
Ernest L. Padgett, Mayor, Daytona Beach
Robert C. Parker, City Commissioner, Tallahassee
Harold K. Pierson, Mayor, New Smyrna Beach
William Reed, City Commissioner, Ft. Pierce
Ralph Richards, City Commissioner, Daytona Beach
Areal Sage, City Commissioner, Daytona Beach
Walter A. Shelley, City Commissioner, Daytona Beach
Howard F. Stanton, Mayor, Ft. Pierce
William E. Thompson, Attorney, Tampa
James M. Titus, City Manager, Daytona Beach
James F. Torrible, representing Green Cove Springs
Purley Tucker, Mayor, Melbourne
Leonard Wall, Traveling Passenger Agent, Atlantic
Coast Line
Harold Whitehead, President of Council, Jacksonville
Frank Whitehead, Mayor, Jacksonville
Mrs. Frank Whitehead, Jacksonville
Ross E. Windom, City Manager, Sarasota
Herbert Wolfe, Mayor, St. Augustine
11:30 am Congressman James C. Davis, Georgia
Dr. W. E. Burdine, Commander of American Legion for
State of Georgia
Mr. Paul Ginsberg, Commander of Jewish War Veterans of
Mr. Jos. W. White, Vice Commander, American Legion
(Arranged by Gael Sullivan)
11:45 am (Mr. and Mrs. Forrester Brewster)
(Commissioner Walker asked Mr. Connelly to let them
shake hands with the President. Brewster is U. S.
Commissioner at Muskogee, Oklahoma. Off record)
12:00 pm Honorable Hugh Mitchell, former Senator from Washington
(Phoned Mr. Connelly yesterday)
12:15 pm Congressman J. Bayard Clark, N. C.
Colonel George W. Gillette, (retd)
(Congressman Clark asked if he might bring in Colonel
Gillette. The Colonel was formerly head of Army
Engineers in Kansas City)
12:25 pm The President attended commemorative exercises at
the Lincoln Memorial, held by the District of
Columbia Commandery of the Military Order of the
Loyal Legion.
1:00 pm (Luncheon - downstairs in Executive Office)
3:00 pm (Honorable Clark Clifford)
4:00 pm Press and Radio Conference [Public Papers]
4:25 pm (Mr. Leonard Reinsch)
4:30 pm (The Secretary of the Navy [John L. Sullivan])

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