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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, July 9, 1947
10:15 am (Mr. Jacob S. Potosky [Potofsky])
(Dr. John R. Steelman)
(Mr. Potosky [Potofsky] is President of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America.)
10:30 am Senator Carl A. Hatch, New Mexico
(Phoned Mr. Matthew Connelly Monday to ask for this)
10:55 am (Mr. Joe Major)
11:00 am Msgr. John Patrick Carroll-Abbing
(Founder and director of Boys Town of Italy and
Acting Representative in Italy of American Relief
for Italy. This request came from Gael Sullivan
originally, who had received it from American
Relief for Italy. Mr. Matthew Connelly checked it with
the State Department, who said: "Msgr. Abbing is
favorably known to the Department not only in
the two capacities mentioned above, but also
as a Vatican official. He is a United States
citizen * * the Department believes it would
be a good idea for the President to receive Msgr.
Abbing if he has time to do so.")
11:15 am Honorable Burton K. Wheeler
(Phoned Mr. Matthew Connelly for this yesterday)
11:45 am H.E. Senor Dr. Enrique Garcia Sayan, the Foreign
Minister of Peru
H. E. Senor Don Jorge Prado, the Ambassador of
Honorable Prentice Cooper, U.S. Ambassador to
Honorable Norman Armour, Assistant Secretary of State
(Confidential memorandum from the State Department
as to purpose of this visit of the Foreign Minister
of Peru, presented to the President for his
information. The Department recommended that Mr.
Armour sit in on this talk, and the two Ambassadors
asked that they be allowed to come also.)
12:00 pm The President received the National Committeemen,
Committeewomen, Chairmen and Vice Chairmen, from the
States of Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisana, Oklahoma,
Tennessee and Texas:
Dr. R. B. Robins, Nat'l Committeeman, Camden
Mrs. R. B. Robins, Camden
Mrs. Jack Carnes, Nat'l Committeewoman, Camden
Honorable Arthur L. Adams, State Chairman, Jonesboro
Mrs. Caroll Johnson, Vice Chairman, Morrillton
Mr. Carroll Johnson and Mr. Carroll Johnson, Jr.
Hon. Harvey G. Combs, Secretary, Little Rock
Mrs. Harvey G. Combs, Little Rock
Honorable Keen Johnson, Nat'l Committeeman, Wash., D. C.
Mrs. T. C. Carroll, Nat'l Committeewoman, Shephardsville
Hon. J. Lyter Donaldson, State Chairman, Carrollton
Hon. William Blanton, Vice Chairman, Paris
Mrs. Espey Goodpaster, Pres., Women's Dem. Clubs,
Hon. Henry C. Sevier, Nat'l Committeeman, Tallulah
Mrs. Henry C. Sevier, Tallulah
Honorable John Fred Odom, State Chairman, Baton Rouge
Hon. Wayles Browne, Vice Chairman, Shreveport
Honorable and Mrs. J. E. Neale, Tallulah
Honorable Robert S. Kerr, Nat'l Committeeman, Oklahoma City
Mrs. O. H. Cafky, National Committeewoman, Forgan
Hon. H. I. Hinds, State Chairman, Oklahoma City
Mrs. H. I. Hinds
Mrs. Sue Ruble, Vice Chairman, Oklahoma City
Honorable Elmer Harber, American Nat'l Bank, Shawnee
Mrs. Elmer Harber, Shawnee
Honorable Forest McIntire, Secretary to Governor Turner,
Oklahoma City
Honorable Ben Dwight
Honorable J. S. Walters, Nat'l Committeeman, Morristown
Mrs. Albert E. Hill, Nat'l Committeewoman, Nashville
Hon. J. Frank Hobbs, State Chairman, Lawrenceburg
Mrs. J. Frank Hobbs
Mrs. Hallum W. Goodloe, Vice Chairman, Nashville
Hon. Joe Carr, President, Young, Dem. Clubs, Nashville
Mrs. Joe Carr
12:30 pm Mrs. Ogden Reid, owner and Publisher of New York
Herald Tribune
(Arranged sometime ago by Mr. Charles Ross)
12:45 pm (Mr. John Goodloe, R. F. C.)
(Came to see Mr. Matthew Connelly and saw the President,
off the record.)
1:00 pm (Lunch - Secretary of the Treasury [John W. Snyder] and Honorable
James Webb, Director, Bureau of the Budget)
3:30 pm (Colonel Miles Knowles)
3:45 pm (Colonel Al Holland)
4:00 pm (Mr. Pete Couch)
4:20 pm (Honorable Bryce Smith)

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