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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Tuesday, July 29, 1947
    At 8.35 a.m., CST, the President, accompanied by
Mrs. Truman and Miss Margaret Truman, departed
their Independence home and motored to the
residence of his late mother in Grandview, arriving
at 9.05 a.m., where he conferred with Miss Mary
Jane Truman. At 9.25 a.m., the President,
accompanied by Mrs. Truman, Miss Margaret and Miss
Mary Jane Truman, departed the Grandview home and
motored to the nearby Grandview Airport, arriving
at 9.35 a.m., where the President, joined by his
staff and the Mexican Ambassador, Senor Dr. Don
Antonio Espinosa de los Monteros, boarded Army
Plane 451 for the return trip to Washington, D. C.,
leaving Grandview Airport at 9.50 a.m. CST. The
plane arrived at the ATC Terminal, National
Airport, Washington, D. C., at 4.20 p.m. EDST.
Upon deplaning, the President was greeted by those
members of his staff who had remained in Washington,
including Secretary William D. Hassett and Chief
of Protocol Stanley Woodward. Immediately there-
after, he entered his car and motored direct to
the White House, arriving at 4.30 p.m., EDST.

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