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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, July 23, 1947
    [Public Papers: Letter to the President of the Senate and to the Speaker of the House Concerning a Proposed Statue of Commodore John Batty]
10:00 am Congressman Joe L. Evins, Tenn.
Congressman Monroe Redden, N. C.
Congressman Robert E. Jones, Jr., Ala.
Congressman William J. Dorn, S. C.
Congressman Harold D. Donohue, Mass.
Congressman Charles B. Deane, N. C.
Congressman James C. Davis, Ga.
Congressman John A. Blatnik, Minn.
Congressman Laurie C. Battle, Ala.
Congressman Omar Burleson, Texas
Congressman Wingate Lucas, Texas
Congressman John Bill Williams, Miss.
(Speaker Rayburn phoned Mr. Connelly yesterday to
ask if these freshmen Congressmen might come in today
and meet the President)
10:30 am Congressman Alfred J. Elliott, Calif
(To discuss flood control in his State. Particularly
does he feel that there is one stream which is being
overlooked, inasmuch as there is so much oil and
many oil wells in the path of the flood area)
11:00 am The President signed H. R. 1888, "To incorporate
the AMVETS, American Veterans of World War II".
The following were present:
Mr. Ray Sawyer, National Commander, AMVETS
Senator Alexander Wiley, Wis.
Congressman Francis E. Walter, Pa.
Mr. Jack W. Hardy, Past National Commander
Mr. J. R. Gorman, National Membership Director
Mr. Albert J. Reynolds, Mass.
Mr. Richard D. Marks, W. Va.
Mr. J. S. Crespi, Ga.
Mr. A. J. Madar, Mich.
Miss Agnes Frazee, Pa.
Mr. Wm. O'Toole, Head, Production Dept.
Mr. Nick Japple, Exec. District Committeeman
Miss Ruth Miskell, Secretary to Congressman Walter
(This was done at request of Congressman Walter, Pa.
11:15 am Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr.
11:30 am (Mr. Roy Harper)
12:45 pm (The President left for Capitol with Mr. Matthew Connelly,
Mr. Charles Ross, Mr. Clark Clifford, Dr. John Steelman and
Admiral James Foskett, where they lunched with Mr. Leslie Biffle)
2:45 pm While at the Capitol, the President visited the Senate
Chamber, took his old seat, was recognized by the
President of the Senate and made a brief impromptu
4:00 pm (Colonel Louis Truman)
7:25 pm (The President motored to the home of the Secretary of the Navy,
Honorable James V. Forrestal, where he dined.)

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