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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, July 17, 1947
    [Public Papers: Letter to Members of the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch]
10:30 am (Mr. Clem Randau)
(Former Editor of Chicago Sun - arranged by
Mr. Eben Ayers)
11:00 am The President signed H.R. 494, "A Bill to
Reorganize the System of Parole of Prisoners
convicted in the District of Columbia."
The following werre present:
Colonel Campbell Johnson, Executive Assistant to
the Director of Selective Service
Honorable Leo Rover, Member, District Parole Board
Mr. Frank R. Jelleff, Chairman of Parole Board
Mr. Wilbur LaRoe, former Member of Board
Mr. Hugh Rivers, Executive Secretary of the Parole Board
11:15 am Congressman R. Ewing Thomason, Texas
(Is leaving in a few days, and wanted to say "goodbye",
ask the President to sign a picture for him and discuss
politics in Texas.)
11:30 am The Secretary of Agriculture [Clinton P. Anderson]
(Phoned the President direct about this.)
11:45 am Mr. W. L. Hemingway, of St. Louis, Missouri
Mr. Eugene P. Thomas
Mr. William S. Swingle
(Mr. Hemingway phoned Mr. Matthew Connelly yesterday. These
gentlemen represent National Foreign Trade Council.
They are going to hold their Convention in St. Louis.
Mr. Hemingway is the local convention Chairman and
they want to invite the President to their Convention.)
12:00 pm Honorable H. F. Arthur Schoenfeld, American
Minister to Hungary
(Is retiring and wishes to pay respects and say
"goodbye". State Department says, "Mr. Schoenfeld
is retiring from the Foreign Service after a
distinguished career of over thirty years. He has been
United States Minister to the Dominican Republic,
Finland and Hungary, and has recently returned from
his post at Budapest.")
12:15 pm Senator Tom Connally, Texas
12:30 pm The Secretary of State [George C. Marshall]
12:50 pm Senator Lister Hill, Ala.
Senator John Sparkman
Congressman Pete Jarman
(Presented the President with a basket of prize-
winning peaches from Alabama.)
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:00 pm (Staff Meeting)
3:30 pm The President presented trophies to the individual
winners in the recently concluded ten pin bowling
competition held within Veterans Administration
Paraplegic Centers. They went first to the President's
Office, where they received their medals and then
went down to the bowling alley. After the Press
Conference the President went down to the bowling
alley to watch them bowl. The winners and guests
Gerald A. Kopp, Van Nuys Hospital, California
First Place Winner
Leo F. Ladouceur, Van Nuys Hospital, California
Second Place Winner
Gordon C. Scott, Kennedy Hospital, Memphis, Tenn.
Third Place Winner
Dr. Ernest Bors, Chief of the Paraplegic Service,
Van Nuys Hospital, California
Mr. Russell McKeown, Athletic Director,
Van Nuys Hospital, California
Dr. Charles E. Thompson, Chief of the Paraplegic Service,
Kennedy Hospital
Mr. Henry E. Reid, Athletics, Kennedy Hospital
General Omar N. Bradley, Administrator of Veterans Affairs
O. W. Clark, Executive Assistant Administrator
Francis R. Kerr, Assistant Administrator for Special
A. S. Mason, Executive Asst. Administrator, Special
B. E. Phillips, Assistant Director, Athletic Service
J. E. Nixon, Athletic Service
C. H. Swift, Athletic Service
A. G. Ivey, Special Services
Dr. Paul R. Hawley, Chief Medical Director
Dr. R. C. Cook, Deputy Medical Director
Dr. D. A. Covalt, Asst. Medical Director for Rehabilitation
Dr. P. B. Magnuson, Asst. Medical Director, Research
and Education
Mr. R. E. Adkins, Exec. Officer, Dept. of Medicine
and Surgery
Lt. Colonel C. B. Hansen, Actg. Director of Public Relations
A. W. Woolford, Asst. Director of Public Relations
A. L. Ebersole, Director, Bowlers Victory Legion, 1420
New York Avenue, N. W., Washington, D. C.
4:00 pm Press and Radio Conference [Public Papers]

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