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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, July 16, 1947
    [Public Papers: Special Message to the Congress on Flood Control in the Mississippi River Basin]
10:30 am Honorable Samuel D. Jackson, of Fort Wayne, Ind.
Mr. J. O. McClintock, President, Board of Trade,
Mr. H. H. Tearse, President, Minneapolis Grain
Mr. Walter Scott, Executive, Vice President, Board
of Trade, Kansas City
Mr. Isaac Witken, President, New York Cocoa Exchange
Mr. J. A. Higgons, Executive, Vice President, National
Association of Commodity Exchanges and Allied
Trades, Inc.
Mr. Hubert Holloway, Vice President, Institute of
Public Relations
Jack Higgons (son of J. A. Higgons)
Mr. Gustavo Lobo, Jr., New York Coffee and Sugar Exchange
Mr. Ray Bowden, Executive Secretary, National Grain
Trade Council
(Former Senator Jackson asked if he might bring in
these Presidents of a number of the Commodity Exchanges
throughout country who have been invited to testify
before the House Committee of Agriculture. The
point of inquiry which these men will cover is the
validity of the Commodity Exchanges)
10:45 am Sir John Boyd Orr and Lady Orr
Honorable John Balfour, Charge d'Affaires, British
(This requested by N. E. Dodd, Under Secretary for
Agriculture. Sir John is Director General of the
Food and Agriculture organization of UN. Has stated
he expects to retire at end of current year. Has
never had opportunity to meet the President.)
10:50 am (Miss Jackie Johnson, her mother, Mrs. Clark, and
her nephew.)
11:00 am The President signed H. J. Resolution 170,
"Authorizing the erection in the District of Columbia
a memorial to Andrew W. Mellon." The following
were present:
Mr. Paul Mellon
Miss Catherine Mellon, aged 3, daughter of Paul Mellon
Mrs. Ailsa Mellon Bruce
Miss Audrey Bruce, daughter, aged 12
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph W. Schmidt
Mr. David E. Finley, Director, Natl. Gallery of Art
Mr. George W. Wyckoff, Executive in Mellon Trust
Senator Edward Martin, Pa.
Congressman James G. Fulton, Pa.
Mr. H. W. Wehe, Jr., Asst. to Cong. Fulton
11:15 am (Admiral William D. Leahy)
11:30 am (Mr. Paul Fitzpatrick)
11:45 am Congressman William L. Dawson, Ill.
Dr. D. V. Jemison, President, Natl. Baptist
Convention of America, Inc., Selma, Ala.
Reverend T. J. Goodall, Pastor Bethany
Dr. Thomas Harden, Pastor, Holy Trinity Baptist
Church, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Reverend Earl L. Harrison, Pastor, Shiloh Baptist
Church, D. C.
Reverend Sandy F. Ray, Pastor, Cornerstone Baptist
Church, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Miss Nannie H. Burroughs, Principal, Trade and
Educational Training School, Natl. Baptist
Convention, Washington, D. C.
Mrs. M. M. Arter, President, Women's Auxiliary of
the General Baptist Convention of D. C.
Dr. Marshall L. Shepard, Pastor, Mount Olivet
Tabernacle Baptist Church, Phil., Pa. Also
Recorder of Deeds, D. C.
(Congressman Dawson requested this appointment for
delegation from the National Baptist Convention
of America, in order that they may extend an
invitation to the President to attend their annual
convention in Kansas City in September.)
12:00 pm Mr. Thomas Beck, Chairman of the Board of Directors
of Crowell-Collier Publishing Co.
Mr. William Hillman
(Bill Hillman requested this, as Mr. Beck just
returned from round-the-world trip of Publishers, and
believes he has some observations which would be
of interest to the President.)
12:15 pm H. R. H. Prince Abdullah of Yemen
Colonel William A. Eddy (Interpreter)
(Is in Washington as guest of the Government, at
the Blair-Lee House. Is sixth son of the Iman Yahya
of Yemen and is the personal emissary of his father.
Is the first official Yemeni ever to visit this
country. Yemen is an independent kingdom.)
12:45 pm (Mr. Lester Markel, of New York Times)
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:15 pm (Honorable Stephen Early)
3:30 pm The Secretary of War [Robert P. Patterson]

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