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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Tuesday, June 10, 1947
    The following comprised the Presidential party
aboard the Presidential train:
Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy
Honorable Matthew J. Connelly
Honorable Charles G. Ross
Major General Harry H. Vaughan
Rear Admiral James H. Foskett
Mr. Stanley Woodward
Brigadier General Wallace H. Graham
Mr. Leonard Reinsch
Mr. Jack Romagna
Mr. Dewey E. Long
Members of the press, radio, photographers, and
railroad representatives also accompanied the
11:25 am The Presidential train arrived at Rouses Point,
New York, (Canadian border), where the party was
met and joined by an official delegation composed
of the following: The Right Honorable L. S.
St. Laurent (The Canadian Secretary of State for
External Affairs), Honorable Ray Atherton (U. S.
Ambassador), W. R. Measures, Esq. (Canadian Chief
of Protocol): and three Canadian Aides-de-Camp.
At 3.30 p.m., the Presidential train arrived at
Island Park Drive Station, Ottawa, Canada, where
the entire party detrained and was met by the
following: H.E. The Governor General of Canada,
The Viscountess Alexander of Tunis, The Right
Honorable The Prime Minister of Canada, Madame
St. Laurent, Mrs. Atherton, Hume Wrong (Canadian
Ambassador to Washington), Mrs. Wrong, His
Worship Stanley Lewis, ESQ., and Mrs. Lewis.
At 3.45 p.m., the official party entered automobiles
and drove to Government House (the residence
of the Governor General of Canada), arriving at
4.15 p.m. Upon reaching the main gate of Government
House (Rideau Gate), the procession stopped, and
the President was rendered a royal salute by a Guard
of Honor. Immediately following the arrival at
Government House, the Presidential party attended
a small tea. At a ceremony taking place at 5.00 p.m.,
the President and Mrs. Truman planted two trees
in the Government House Grounds. At 5.30 p.m.,
the President, accompanied by the Governor General
and Admiral William D. Leahy, departed Government House and
motored direct to Parliament where the President,
the Governor General, and Admiral William D. Leahy, attended
the unveiling of a portrait of former Prime
Minister Borden and a portrait of present Prime
Minister MacKenzie King. At 6.15 p.m., the President,
Mrs. Truman, Miss Margaret Truman, and other members
of the Presidential party attended a State Dinner
at the Government House. A total of eighty-
seven guests was present. At 10.00 p.m., a reception
in honor of the President and Mrs. Truman was
held at Government House. Attending this reception
were 160 guests.

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