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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, November 12, 1947
10:30 am Honorable L. W. Robert
(Phoned Mr. Connelly Monday to ask for this
10:45 am The President received a group of Blue Star
  Archer, Mrs. A. I. Archer, Miss Regina Anne
  Baldwin, Mrs. Frances Ballschminder, Mrs. M.
  Baloch, Mrs. L. Casey, Mrs. S.
  Cagginano, Mrs. S. Castine, Mrs. A.
  Creighton, Mrs. M. DeBou, Mrs. Martha
  Dunn, Mrs. M. Fening, Mrs. Marguerite
  Finley, Mrs. E. Finn, Mrs. M.
  Hankinson, Mrs. F. Harkins, Mrs. A. C.
  Hedrick, Mrs. E. Herl, Mrs. Evelyn
  Higgins, Mrs. Kaul, Mrs. J.
  Lasky, Mrs. M. Lingenbach, Mrs. George A.
  Mahoney, Mrs. E. Masterson, Mrs. L.
  Mazzara, Mrs. M. McGann, Mrs. Sue
  McGinn, Mrs. A. E. McGrath, Mrs. Florence
  Meyerhoff, Mrs. L. Nolan, Mrs. S.
  Raesache, Mrs. M. Roesner, Mrs.
  Rogers, Mrs. Ruoff, Mrs.
  Rutz, Mrs. Scheulen, Mrs. M.
  Scheulen, Mr. Roy Schloser, Mrs. A.
  Sine, Mrs. Anne Burton Stode, Mrs. Gertrude
  Strack, Mrs. Watson, Mrs.
  Werber, Mrs. I. Wessel, Mrs. E.
  Whalen, Mrs. K. Dempsey, Mrs. Bee
  Mrs. Rita Neddle Mrs. Mary Lauby
  Mrs. A. Ormandy
11:00 am Mr. Leo Marshall, President, American Overseas Aid Inc.
(To report on plans of American Overseas Aid and
United Nations Appeal for Children campaign, and to use
this call on the President as means of making first
national public announcement of their drive.)
11:15 am Honorable John H. Fahey, Federal Home Loan Bank
(Mr. Connelly asked him to come over and see the
11:30 am Mr. M. W. Thatcher, Pres., National Federation of
Grain Cooperatives & General Manager, Farmers Union
Grain Terminal Assn., St. Paul, Minn.
Mr. Roy Hendrickson, Washington representative, Natl.
Federation of Grain Cooperatives
Mr. E. W. Puckett, General Manager of Equity Grain
Cooperative, Enid, Oklahoma
Mr. Aksel Nielson, Secy-Treasurer, National Federation
of Grain Cooperatives, and General Manager of
Western Central Grain Cooperative
Mr. Merrill Guild, General Manager of Indiana Farm
Bureau Grain Cooperative, Indianapolis, Ind.
Mr. James Hill, Jr., Manager Pendleton Growers, Inc.,
Pendleton, Oregon
(This is outcome of recommendation from Dr. John R. Steelman's
office, Mr. Stillwell, that the President call in
four or five leaders of grain cooperatives to discuss
food conservation program.)
11:38 am (Mr. Lowry and family)
(She is niece of Congressman Sam Rayburn)
11:45 am Mr. Earl O. Shreve, President, U. S. Chamber of
Mr. Ralph Bradford, Executive Vice President,
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Arch Booth, Manager, U. S. Chamber of Commerce
(Mr. Connelly invited Mr. Shreve to come, stating
the President wanted to talk to him before opening
of Special Session, re European situation, et. al.)
12:00 pm Honorable George R. Merrell, American Minister-
Designate to Ethiopia
(To pay respects before departing for his post at
Addis Ababa)
12:15 pm Senator Wallace H. White, Jr., Maine
(Mr. Connelly phoned him and asked him to come in)
12:30 pm The President received the members of the Sigma
  Delta Chi, Honorary Journalistic Fraternity:
  Austin, Alvin E. Clayton, Charles C.
  Agnew, Richard Cobb, Wilton
  Anderson, Darwin B. Cooper, Joe E.
  Aaronson, Lawrence Cheavens, Dave
  Adams, John Carroll, Philip W.
  Apporton, Orbell Oakes, Jr. Clark, David E.
  Augustine, Caley E. Carter, Paul
  Burchard, Professor Donald D. Clabby, Robert Thomas
  Bills, John T. Davies, R. G.
  Brown, Robert U. DeLorenzo, Anthony
  Bluedorn, Victor E. Davis, Richard J.
  Booth, Brown Dickie, Calvin A.
  Baldwin, Robert D. Elfenbein, Julien
  Beaton, Roderick W. Eskew, Rhea T.
  Borglund, Alfred East, Charles E.
  Bush, Peter Faris, Barry
  Blizin, Jerry Fleming, Joe L.
  Bennett, Leslie H. Fitzpatrick, Richard S.
  Brunett, John P. Freeman, Hollis Wm.
  C. J. Barry Gerace, Michael
  Brownlee, Lester Goyer, Robert
  Bierman, Everett Huston, Luther A.
  Brandeis, Erich Healy, George W., Jr.
  Bittan, David B. Heinemann, Donald
  Hahn, Paul G. McCarthy, Daniel P.
  Hagan, Thomas W. Marvin, Kenneth R.
  Hartley, Ben McDowell, Duane O.
  Hoff, Grover Moore, Judson
  Holmes, James C. Mall, William W.
  Hill, Clarence E. Neiswander, Charles V.
  Hope, Bill Oster, Allan
  Hoover, Donald D. Potochnik, Roy
  Ingrassia, Anthony Pritchard, Merrill
  Irwin, James W. Pressley, Jackson B.
  Jaeger, Joseph M. Penick, Clay
  Jefferson, B. C. Redus, W. L.
  Jackson, Morris Alton Rainville, Harold
  Kesler, Carl R. Reynolds, Harold, Jr.
  Knight, John S. Rudick, Joseph
  Kaplansky, Philip Klip, Theodore C.
  Kaplan, Bernard Richardson, A. B.
  Kalin, Irving Riley, Franklin S., Jr.
  Lyon, Ollie M., Jr. Ross, John E.
  Murphy, Pat Schramm, Professor Wilbur
  Mills, Brad Simmons, Roger Lawton
  Miller, William A. Skinner, Charles L.
  Murrane, Thomas Straw, Windsor
  McDonald, Leon Jackson, Jr. Salter, Lawrence C.
  McCarthy, Daniel P. Siebert, Fred S.
  McClelland, John M., Jr. Shurtleff, Edward M.
  Seykora, Joseph Strock, Clarence L.
  Scott, James Sorensen, Thomas C.
  Sonin, Stephen Schweitz, Robert
  Stephenson, Lorenzo E. Smith, Allen D.
  Shefrin, David A. Salisbury, Ralph W.
  Smith, William Synderman, Arnold L.
  Smith, Willard R. Swensen, Leslie H.
  Talbott, Bill Tannehill, Paul
  Turnblad, John Harold Van Gilden, Lester
  Van Sooy, Neal Wold, Hans G.
  Weber, Harrison D. Williams, Ward C.
  Wiener, Robert A. Wyll, Nathan
  Waite, Alden C. Zalken, William
12:45 pm Honorable Philip Murray, President, CIO
(Mr. Connelly phoned Mr. Murray that the President
would like to discuss European situation etc., before
Special Session convened)
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:30 pm (Mr. Max Lowenthal)
(Phoned Mr. Connelly last week to ask if could
come in today, off record.)
3:45 pm Honorable James V. Forrestal, the Secretary of Defense
(Phoned Mr. Connelly Monday to ask for this
4:00 pm (Admiral Louis E. Denfeld)
(Admiral William H. P. Blandy)
(Secretary of the Navy [John L. Sullivan])
(Honorable James V. Forrestal, Secretary of Defense)

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