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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Monday, January 20, 1947
10:00 am (Mr. Roy Harper)
(Mr. J. V. Conran)
10:30 am Mr. Herbert Rivers
(Of the Building and Construction Trade, A. F. of L.
He telephoned and requested this appointment
early last week, at which he expected to bring also
Mr. Joseph Keenan, Secretary of the Chicago
Federation of Labor, but Mr. Keenan was unable to
11:45 am Honorable Donald Nelson
(He was in the city and called Mr. Connelly and
requested this appointment)
1:00 pm (Cabinet Luncheon - All present with the exception
of the Postmaster General and the Secretary of Commerce.)
3:15 pm The President will receive the Members of the U. S.
  Conference of Mayors;
  Abe, August J.   Alderman   Milwaukee, Wis.
  Adams, O. H.   Controller   Fort Wayne, Ind.
  Adams, R. P.   Mayor   Westmount, Que, Canada
  Ahern, John E.   Mayor   Halifax, Nova Scotia
  Allan, Jessica A.   Canadian Federation of Mayors   Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  Allison, H. D.   Mayor   St. Joseph, Missouri
  Anderson, Joe   City Attorney   Chattanooga, Tenn.
  Anderson, W. Ward   Councilman   Newport News, Va.
  Andrews, Graham H.   Mayor   Raleigh, N. C.
  Asselin, J. O.   Chairman of Exec. Comm.   Montreal, Que, Canada
  Atkinson, John B.   City Manager   Cambridge, Mass.
  Baals, H. W.   Mayor   Fort Wayne, Indiana
  Baldwin, Floyd   Commissioner   Flint, Michigan
  Ballentine, Virgil   Mayor   Springfield, Ohio
  Barber, Charlie R.   Mayor   Eric, Pennsylvania
  Bates, Lester   Councilman   Columbia, S. C.
  Baxter, H. H.   Mayor   Charlotte, N. C.
  Bean, George E.   City Manager   Pontiac, Michigan
  Bean, R. G.   Board of Public Works   Fort Wayne, Indiana
  Betters, Harry R.   U. S. Conference of Mayors   Washington, D. C.
  Betters, Paul V.   U. S. Conference of Mayors   Washington, D. C.
  Berg, Leo A.   Councilman   Akron, Ohio
  Bevan, Samuel H.   Councilman   Scranton, Penn.
  Biggins, J. C.   City Manager   Newport News, Va.
  Bloom, C. H.   Mayor   Rockford, Ill.
  Bohm, John L.   Mayor   Milwaukee, Wis.
  Bowren, Fletcher   Mayor   Los Angeles, Calif.
  Braden, Roy S.   City Manager   High Point, N. C.
  Bradshaw, Clarence   Councilman   Schenectady, N. Y.
  Branscheid, W. J.   Mayor   Alameda, California
  Brennan, John F.   Secretary to Mayor Curley   Boston, Mass.
  Britten, John R.   Mayor   Richmond, Ind.
  Browne, Roy H.   Director   Akron, Ohio
  Brumbaugh, H. Atlee   Mayor   Altoona, Penn.
  Brunner, George E.   Mayor   Camden, N. J.
  Buckmaster, Robert   City Solictor   Waterloo, Iowa
  Burdette, P. M.   City Manager   Asheville, N. C.
  Burke, Thomas A.   Mayor   Cleveland, Ohio
  Burnett, R. L.   Councilman   Wilmington N. C.
  Burns, John J.   Mayor   Burlington, Vt.
  Burton, C. C.   Mayor   Lynchburg, Va.
  Burton, Horace C.   Ad. Asst. to Mayor   Hartford, Conn.
  Bush, Richard C.   Mayor   Waco, Texas
  Butler, Orville C.   City Manager   Niagara Falls, N. Y.
  Campbell, W. B.   City Attorney   Wilmington, N. C.
  Carr, W. P.   Mayor   Durham, N. C.
  Carrillo, Alejandro   Secretary General, Dept. of Fed. Dist.   Mexico City, Mexico
  Cartwright, L. B.   City Manager   Rochester, N. Y.
  Chandler, Walter C.   U. S. Conference of Mayors   Memphis, Tenn.
  Chavannes, E. L.   Mayor   Knoxville, Tenn.
  Church, Stanley W.   Mayor   New Rochelle, N. Y.
  Cochran, S. W.   Mayor   Oak Park, Ill.
  Coffey, John J.   City Clerk   Buffalo, N. Y.
  Connell, Wilbur   Councilman   Niagara Falls, N. Y.
  Connors, John T.   Mayor   East St. Louis, Ill.
  Connors, Joseph   Mayor's Office   Boston, Massachusetts
  Cooke, R. D.   Mayor   Norfolk, Va.
  Costello, Philip P.   City Clerk   Perth Amboy, N. J.
  Cottis, Ralph H.   Airport Commn.   Jamestown, N. Y.
  Coulter, Garnet   Mayor   Winnipeg, Canada
  Crary, Ralph   City Attorney   Sioux City, Iowa
  Crego, Ralph W.   Mayor   Lansing, Michigan
  Cromie, Sam   Alderman   Vancouver, B.C., Canada
  Curley, James M.   Mayor   Boston, Mass.
  Curran, Thomas A.   City Solicitor   Chester, Penn.
  Currin, Garland   Councilman   Wilmington, N. C.
  Cybulski, Stanley   Alderman   Milwaukee, Wis.
  Danner, R. G.   City Manager   Miami, Fla.
  Davis, Marvin L.   Director   Akron, Ohio
  Davis, Stanley J.   Commissioner   Grand Rapids, Mich.
  Dawson, Charles A.   Mayor   Fargo, N. D.
  Dawson, D. Boone   Mayor   Charleston, W. Va.
  Dawson, Robert E.   Mayor   Pasadena, Calif.
  Delaney, John A.   Mayor   Perth Amboy, New Jersey
  Dempsey, F. Kenneth   Mayor   South Bend, Ind.
  Devin, William F.   Mayor   Seattle, Washington
  Dicker, Samuel E.   Mayor   Rochester, N. Y.
  Dillard, Benton O.   Councilman   Roanoke, Va.
  DiSalle, Michael V.   Vice-Mayor   Toledo, Ohio
  Dixon, Ralph L.   Commissioner   Winston-Salem, N. C.
  Dodd, George K.   Councilman   St. Joseph, Missouri
  Donaldson, Dowse   Councilman   Atlanta, Ga.
  Doughton, Sam   Councilman   Columbia, S. C.
  Dowd, Bernard J.   Mayor   Buffalo, N. Y.
  Duff, John T.   Councilman   Pittsburgh, Penn.
  Dunn, John B.   Director   Providence, R. I.
  Dupre, Ernest E.   Mayor   Woonsocket, R. I.
  Ebert, Carl   City Solicitor   Newport, Ky.
  Edwards, George   Councilman   Detroit, Mich.
  Edwards, H. H.   Mayor   Richmond
  Edwards, Richard T.   Mayor   Roanoke, Va.
  Ellenstein, Meyer C.   Director   Newark, Va.
  Enos, Charles A.   Councilman   St. Joseph, Missouri
  Esper, Anthony N.   Councilman   Dearborn, Michigan
  Evans, Lee   Alderman   Atlanta, Ga.
  Fant, Clyde E.   Mayor   Shreveport, La.
  Findlan, John S.   Mayor's Office   St. Paul, Minn.
  Finerty, Joseph E.   Mayor   Gary, Indiana
  Fitzmaurice, John P.   Exec. Sec.   Waterbury, Connecticut
  Forbes, Ray T.   Mayor   Fredericton, N. B., Canada
  Ford, Henry, Jr.   Mayor   Kalamazoo, Mich.
  Ford, Josephy M.   Councilman   Dearborn, Mich.
  Forsythe, Carl W.   Mayor   Ferndale, Mich.
  Fox,Leslie T.   Mayor   Portsmouth, Va.
  Fox, R. L.   City Engineer   Bethlehem, Penn.
  Fross, Harold M.   City Manager   Springfield, Ohio
  Furrey, William P.   Mayor   Paterson, N. J.
  Gallagher, Thomas J.   Councilman   Pittsburgh, Pa.
  Gladding, Edward G.   Mayor   Newport, Rhode Island
  Glade, Earl J.   Mayor   Salt Lake City, Utah
  Goddard, Paul M.   Mayor   Newton, Mass.
  Goode, B. E.   Mayor   Battle Creek, Mich.
  Godfrey, Edward L.   City Solicitor   Warwick, Rhode Island
  Goebel, Frank H.   City Manager   Grand Rapids, Mich.
  Goodwin, Russell B.   Mayor   Wheeling, West Va.
  Grant, William P.   Mayor   Fall River, Mass.
  Grassle, Paul   Mayor   Rochester, Minn.
  Green, W. Cooper   Mayor   Birminingham, Ala.
  Greissing, Francis   Councilman   Akron, Ohio
  Gundry, George T.   City Manager   Flint, Mich.
  Hahn, F. K.   Mayor   Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  Hall, Albert H.   U. S. Conference of Mayors   Washington, D. C.
  Hamilton, A. M.   City Clerk   Newport News, Va.
  Hamilton, F. C.   Exec. Asst. to Mayor Saunders   Toronto, Canada
  Hanlon, James T.   Mayor   Scranton, Pa.
  Hannah, W. Harold   Commissioner   Grand Rapids, Mich.
  Hanrahan, Frank R.   Director   Cleveland, Ohio
  Harrell, C. A.   City Manager   Norfolk, Va.
  Harriman, Arthur N.   Mayor   New Bedford, Mass.
  Harris, H. F.   City Controller   Lynchburg, Va.
  Hart, R. W. B.   City Manager   Lynchburg, Va.
  Hartsfield, W. B.   Mayor   Atlanta, Ga.
  Healey, Maurice   Corp. Counsel   Waterbury, Conn.
  Hefner, R. A.   Mayor   Oklahoma City, Okla.
  Helmke, Walter   City Attorney   Fort Wayne, Ind.
  Hesch, Oscar   Mayor   Newport, Ky.
  Hilts, Earl   Councilman   Niagara Falls, N. Y.
  Hinkle, Robert A.   Councilman   Bethlehem, Pa.
  Hixon, Curtis   Mayor   Tampa, Fla.
  Hoan, Daniel   U. S. Conference of Mayors   Milwaukee, Wis.
  Hodge, Thomas D.   City Solicitor   Springfield, O.
  Huck, William, Jr.   Mayor   Bloomfield, N. J.
  Humphrey, Hubert H.   Mayor   Minneapolis, Minn.
  Hunt, Lee   Chairman, Housing Authority   Milwaukee, Wis.
  Hunt. V. L.   Councilman   High Point, N. C.
  Hunter, William N.   Councilman   Wheeling, West Va.
  Ilg, George A.   Chairman, Finance Committee   Cranston, R. I.
  Ingraham, S. C.   Mayor   Evanston, Ill.
  Jaastad, Henry O.   Mayor   Tucson, Ariz.
  James, L. D.   City Clerk   Roanoke, Va.
  Jamison, Ted   Councilman   St. Joseph, Mo.
  Jeffries, Edward J.   Mayor   Detroit, Mich.
  Johnson, George W.   Mayor   Duluth, Minn.
  Jones, Thomas   Councilman   Scranton, Pa.
  Kaufmann, A. P.   Mayor   St. Louis, Missouri
  Kelleher, John M.   Mayor   Newburyport, Mass.
  Keller, Anthony   Councilman   Niagara Falls, N. Y.
  Kellogg, Wilbur R.   City Manager   Cincinnati, O.
  Kelly, Edward J.   Mayor   Chicago, Ill.
  Kemp, William E.   Mayor   Kansas City, Missouri
  Kilgallen, Thomas C.   Councilman   Pittsburgh, Pa.
  Kinkaid, C. A.   Mayor   McKeesport, Pa.
  Kinsey, Milton M.   Pres., Board of Public Service   St. Louis, Mo.
  Kirk, James T.   Mayor   Elizabeth, N. J.
  Kirkman, O. A.   Councilman   High Point, N. C.
  Klatt, C. Dave   Corp. Counsel   Peoria, Ill.
  Klein, Walter A.   City Clerk   Milwaukee, Wis.
  Klentz, Arnold H.   Mayor   West Allis, Wis.
  Klumpp, George L.   Mayor   Sacramento, Calif.
  Knox, Harley E.   Mayor   San Diego, Calif.
  Kozak, Josephy A.   Commissioner   Grand Rapids, Mich.
  Kroenke, Bernard   Alderman   Milwaukee, Wis.
  Lamb, Stephen A.   Mayor   Niagara Falls, N. Y.
  Lane, W. Ronald   Mayor   Wilmington, N. C.
  Lark, Hoyt W.   Mayor   Cranston, Rhode Island
  Lavalley, Georges Pierre   Mayor   Saint Lo, France
  Law, Arthur J.   Mayor   Pontiac, Mich.
  Lawrence, David L.   Mayor   Pittsburgh, Pa.
  Lawrence, Walter   Mayor   Medford, Mass.
  Lee, J. Ollie   Mayor   Muskegee, Okla.
  Leeman, Charles W.   Mayor   Omaha, Nebraska
  LeGwin, Robert   Councilman   Wilmington, N. C.
  Lentz, George D.   Mayor   Winston-Salem, N. C.
  Leonard, Edward J.   Councilman   Pittsburgh, Pa.
  Lessard, Alton A.   Mayor   Lewiston, Maine
  Lewis, C. A.   Councilman   High Point, N. C.
  Lewis, Harry A.   Councilman   Scranton, Pa.
  Leymel, Z. S.   Mayor   Fresno, Calif.
  Ligh, Myers G.   Commissioner   Cumberland, Md.
  Lonzer, Clarence J.   Mayor   Hazleton, Pa.
  Lotz, Elston A.   City Mgr.   Brunswick, Ga.
  Lundborg, Gustave   Commissioner   Muskegon, Mich.
  Lynch, John D.   Mayor   Cambridge, Mass.
  Lynch, William S.   Supt of Schools   Fall River, Mass.
  McArdle, Joseph A.   Councilman   Pittsburgh, Pa.
  McCarthy, Daniel L.   City Solicitor   Bethlehem, Pa.
  McCole, Con   Mayor   Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
  McCracken, Wm. J.   Councilman   Oakland, California
  McGuire, David R.   Mayor's Off.   New Orleans, La.
  McKee, L. R.   Mayor   Joplin, Mo.
  McKeldin, T. R.   Mayor   Baltimore, Md.
  McKenna, J. D.   Mayor   St. John, N.B., Canada
  Maclean, Geo. C.   Mayor   St. Boniface, Man., Canada
  Madden, Frank L.   Commissioner   St. Paul, Minn.
  Mahan, Lyle D.   Councilman   Akron, Ohio
  Maloney, Augustine   Councilman   Niagara Falls, N. Y.
  Maloney, Fred C.   Corp. Counsel   Buffalo, N. Y.
  Marti, Lloyd J.   Mayor   Lincoln, Neb.
  Matthews, Knapp F.   Mayor   Waterloo, Iowa
  Migas, Frank J.   Mayor   East Chicago, Ind.
  Minnor, Phil   Mayor   Council Bluffs, Iowa
  Minton, A. R.   Councilman   Roanoke, Va.
  Minton, R. S.   Councilman   St. Joseph, Mo.
  Molina, Marcelino   Mayor   Veracruz, Mexico
  Monagan, John S.   Mayor   Waterbury, Conn.
  Monfalcone, Alfred   Councilman   Newport News, Va.
  Moore, Charles E.   Mayor   Stamford, Conn.
  Morrison, DeLesseps S.   Mayor   New Orleans, La.
  Morrison, J. V.   Councilman   Lynchburg, Virginia
  Mosley, E. L.   City Mgr.   Colorado Springs, Colo.
  Murphy, Vincent J.   Mayor   Newark, N. J.
  Nachman, Harry L.   City Atty.   Newport News, Va.
  Newman, Harris   Councilman   Wilmington, N. C.
  O'Dwyer, Wm.   Mayor   New York, N. Y.
  Olson, Forrest M.   Mayor   Sioux City, Iowa
  O'Neil, Francis J.   Mayor   Attleboro, Mass.
  O'Neill, Ralph W.   Mayor   Youngstown, Ohio
  O'Neill, Thomas   City Auditor   Camden, New Jersey
  Owens, Frank C.   Mayor   Columbia, S. C.
  Palmer, Perrino, Jr.   Mayor   Miami, Fla.
  Parker, Ray F.   Councilman   Dearborn, Mich.
  Parsonnet, Thomas L.   Corp. Counsel   Newark, N. J.
  Paschel, Gary   Councilman   Columbia, S. C.
  Pavey, Jesse   U. S. Conference of Mayors   Sound Bend, Ind.
  Payne, Jack   Mayor   Collinsville, Okla.
  Pfeifle, Robert   Mayor   Bethlehem, Pa.
  Polk, Sylvanua   Mayor   Memphis, Tenn.
  Polland, Milton R.   Commissioner   Milwaukee, Wis.
  Post, Thomas S.   Mayor   Cumberland, Md.
  Price, Lee   Mayor   Tulsa, Okla.
  Quinn, Thomas   City Solicitor   New Bedfor, Mass.
  Reid, Ed. E.   Alabama League of Municipalities   Montgomery, Ala.
  Reussner, George H.   Councilman   Bethlehem, Pa.
  Reyner, Harry   Vice-Mayor   Newport News, Va.
  Reynolds, Walter H.   Budget Director   Providence, R. I.
  Richards, Carl H.   Commissioner   Grand Rapids, Mich.
  Riddell, A. G.   Mayor's Office   Portland, Oregon
  Riley, Earl   Mayor   Portland, Oregon
  Rinaldi, Joseph J.   Corporation Counsel   Stamford, Conn.
  Roberts, Dennis J.   Mayor   Providence, R. I.
  Robin, John P.   Secy. to Mayor   Pittsburgh, Pa.
  Rodgers, Woodall   Mayor   Dallas, Texas
  Rodham, George   Councilman   Scranton, Pa.
  Romney, David S.   Mayor   Ogden, Utah
  Ross, Gale   Mayor's Office   Erie, Pa.
  Roulet, Lloyd E.   Mayor   Toledo, O.
  Ruerat, Albert P.   Mayor   Warwick, R. I.
  Ryder, Robert C.   Councilman   Akron, O.
  St. Louis, Arlen T.   City Manager   Schenectady, N. Y.
  Salinas, Felix Gonzalez   Mayor   Monterrey, Mexico
  Salter, George B.   Councilman   Warwick, R. I.
  Sanderson, Robert M.   Councilman   Akron, O.
  Schantz, John C.   Mayor   Rome, N. Y.
  Schoonmaker, George N.   City Manager   Toledo, Ohio
  Scully, Cornelius D.   U. S. Conference of Mayors   Pittsburgh, Pa.
  Seccombe, W. C.   Mayor   San Bernardino, Calif.
  Sharpe, Carleton F.   City Manager   St. Petersburg, Fla.
  Sidell, Robert L.   Vice-Mayor   Newport, Ky.
  Skrzycki, Stephen S.   Mayor   Hamtramck, Mich.
  Slusser, Charles E.   Mayor   Akron, Ohio
  Smith, G. Bertram   Mayor   Hammond, Indiana
  Smith, (Mr.)   Commissioner   Youngstown, Ohio
  Smith, Hedley   Exec. Secretary   Warwick, R. I.
  Smith, Nathan L.   Chief Engineer   Baltimore, Md.
  Soboloff, Simon E.   City Solicitor   Baltimore, Md.
  Sollars, James W.   Councilman   St. Joseph, Missouri
  Sonnenburg, Willard M.   Mayor   Sheboygan, Wis.
  Stapleton, Ben F.   Mayor   Denver, Colo.
  Stenglein, H. J.   Mayor   Saginaw, Mich.
  Steward, Lloyd   Mayor Pro Tem   Flint, Michigan
  Stewart, William A.   Councilman   Pittsburgh, Pa.
  Stroth, Samuel A.   Mayor   Jamestown, N. Y.
  Swarts, Ralph F.   Mayor   Chester, Pa.
  Taylor, D. R.   Asst. City. Mgr.   Roanoke, Va.
  Taylor, R. Cowles   Mayor   Newport News, Va.
  Ten Eyck, Mills   Mayor   Schenectady, N. Y.
  Ternes, Howard   Councilman   Dearborn, Mich.
  Thourot, Harry J.   Mayor   Union City, New Jersey
  Triebel, Carl O.   Mayor   Peoria, Ill.
  Van Antwerp, Eugene I.   Councilman   Detroit, Mich.
  Vandercoy, Theordore   Councilman   Buffalo, N. Y.
  Viall, Edward J.   Mayor   Flint, Mich.
  Vinick, Albert   Supt. Water Dept.   East Chicago, Ind.
  Wade, James E. L.   Councilman   Wilmington, N. C.
  Walter, Ralph   Councilman   Jacksonville, Fla.
  Warren, Frank J.   Mayor   Topeka, Kansas
  Wear, Ario   Councilman   Bethlehem, Pa.
  Wehman, E. Edward, Jr.   Mayor   Charleston, S. C.
  Weir, Fred W.   Councilman   Pittsburgh, Pa.
  Welsh, George W.   Mayor   Grand Rapids, Mich.
  Wendt, Francis H.   Mayor   Racine, Wis.
  Whitaker, Ken G.   Resources Utilization Board   Chattanoogo, Tenn.
  Whitehead, C. Frank   Mayor   Jacksonville, Fla.
  Whitfield, C. M.   Mayor   Sioux Falls, S. D.
  Wilson, Walter E.   Mayor   Pensacola, Fla.
  Wilson, Don H.   Mayor   Danville, Ill.
  Wilson, Joseph S.   Mayor   Wilmington, Dela.
  Winslow, Charles A.   Mayor   Watertown, N. Y.
  Wintermantel, John   Councilman   Scranton, Pa.
  Wolk, A. L.   Councilman   Pittsburgh, Pa.
  Wood, C. Leland   City Manager   Watertown, N. Y.
  Woollacott, Alfred   Mayor   Fitchburg, Mass.
  Wornom, I. Leake   Councilman   Newport News, Va.
  Yonik, Joseph F.   Councilman   Bethlehem, Pa.
  Yopp, Ed   Councilman   Wilmington, N. C.
  Allaben, R.   City Attorney   Grand Rapids, Mich.
  Anderson, William   City Official   Covington, Ky.
  Behan, Edward F.   Mayor   Jackson, Michigan
  Booth, Frank   Councilman   Huntington, West Va.
  Bradley, G. Edward   Mayor   Somerville, Mass.
  Breen, Edward   Mayor   Dayton, Ohio
  Brosius, Fred S.   Councilman   Johnstown, Pa.
  Buehrle, Leo L.   Councilman   Akron, Ohio
  Burns, Roy D.   City Attorney   Sioux Falls, S. D.
  Butler, Edmond B.   Housing Authority   New York, N. Y.
  Carey, Raymond   Mayor   Revere, Mass.
  Costello, James P.   City Solicitor   Hazleton, Pa.
  Cowe, John C.   Commissioner   Pontiac, Michigan
  Creagh, Eugene T.   City Controller   Niagara Falls, N. Y.
  Culbertson, R. E.   Mayor   Covington, Ky.
  Cunniff, Robert E.   Finance Commissioner   Boston, Mass.
  Diefenderfer, Brighton C.   Mayor   Allentown, Pa.
  Dugan, Ray   Councilman   St. Petersburg, Fla.
  Fleming, Raymond W.   Councilman   Milwaukee, Wis.
  Fox, Charles J.   City Auditor   Boston, Mass.
  Greene, Thomas C.   City Committee   Warwick, R. I.
  Hageman, Theodore   City Manager   Covington, Ky.
  Hamburger, Philip   Mayor Pro Tem   Houston, Texas
  Hays, Charles G.   Secy Chamber Comm.   Joplin, Missouri
  Henze, L. L.   City Controller   St. Joseph, Missouri
  Hubbard, Orville L.   Mayor   Dearborn, Mich.
  Hume, Fred Jr.   Secy. to Mayor   St. Louis, Mo.
  Hunter, Ed.   Commissioner   Covington, Ky.
  Jones, W. Reginald   Port Attorney   Oakland, Calif.
  Kohler, Edwin E.   City Solicitor   Allentown, Pa.
  Lankford, A. P.   Councilman   Lynchburg, Va.
  Lauer, M. P.   Director   Akron, Ohio.
  Lewis, Stanley   Mayor   Ottawa, Canada
  McKenna, William   Commissioner   Chicago, Ill.
  McNamara, Patrick V.   Councilman   Detroit, Mich.
  Mattison, Walter J.   City Attorney   Milwaukee, Wis.
  Mauermann, Gus B.   Mayor   San Antonio, Texas
  Miller, Charles B.   Councilman   Allentown, Pa.
  Moore, Robert   Commissioner   Covington, Ky.
  Morris, Ben S.   City Attorney   San Antonio, Texas
  Morrison, M. D.   City Assessor's Office   Los Angeles, Calif.
  Mullis, John R.   Secy to Mayor   Medord, Mass.
  Olejnicsak, Dominic   Mayor   Green Bay, Wis.
  Owens, Arthur W.   City Manager   Portsmouth, Va.
  Pearsall, A. K.   Commissioner   Rome, New York
  Pingle, Lester W.   Finance Director   Flint, Michigan
  Quick, Edwin J.   Commissioner   Muskegon, Mich.
  Ritter, Robert E.   Councilman   Allentown, Pa.
  Roberts, Anna W.   Alderman   Medford, Mass.
  Rochester, deLancy   Councilman   Buffalo, N. Y.
  Rolfes, William   Commissioner   Covington, Ky.
  Runyon, Carroll   City Attorney   St. Petersburg, Fla.
  Ryan, James J.   Secy to Mayor   Newburyport, Mass.
  Schwing, Arthur L.   Mayor   Johnston, Pa.
  Shields, Daniel J.   Director   Johnstown, Pa.
  Simms, William   Asst. to Mayor   Minneapolis, Minn.
  Smith, James J.   Exec. Secy, N. J. Leagues of Municipalities   Trenton, N. J.
  Stemmler, George L.   City Counselor   St. Louis, Mo.
  Stevens, E.   Director of Finance   Grand Rapids, Mich.
  Stump, C. W.   City Engineer   Hagerstown, Md.
  Sweat, J. Marvin   Councilman   Jacksonville, Fla.
  Sweeney, Richard   Mayor   Hagerstown, Md.
  Thompson, James   Commissioner   Chicago, Ill.
  Thurmond, Tucker   City Official   Lynchburg, Va.
  Urban, Winfield H.   City Controller   Richmond, Ind.
  Weber, John   Commissioner   Camden, N. J.
  Wexler, Charles H.   Corporation Counsel   Stamford, Conn.
  Wilkinson, R. J.   Councilman   Huntington, W. Va.
  Wolf, Edgar   Councilman   Allentown, Pa.
  Lamb, Bernard   Fiscal & Planning Advisor   Paterson, N. J.
  Mullaley, James H.   Director, Municipal Research   Syracuse, N. Y.
3:30 pm Mr. Roy Howard
4:00 pm The President received Dr. Vannevar Bush and a
group of Scientists who worked with in the Executive
Office of the President, through the Office of
Scientific Research and Development as members of
the National Defense Research Committee, etc.
(Dr. Bush asked the President to receive them
and give to each a letter of thanks for their service.
Dr. Bush has called these gentlemen to Washington
for this disbanding party, which he terms OPERATION
The following person were present:
Dr. V. Bush, Director, Office of Scientific Research
and Development
Dr. Lewis H. Weed, National Academy of Sciences,
Washington, D. C.
Dr. Karl T. Compton, President, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.
Dr. James B. Conant, President, Harvard University,
Cambridge, Mass.
Dr. A. Baird Hastings, Harvard University Medical
School, Department of Biochemistry, Boston, Mass.
Dr. A. R. Dochez, Columbia University, New York
Dr. Alfred N. Richards, Chairman, Committee on Medical
Research, Office of Scientific Research and
Development, Washington, D. C.
Dr. J. C. Hunsaker, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, Cambridge, Mass.
Dr. Frank B. Jewett, New York, New York
Dr. Roger Adams, University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill.

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President Harry S. Truman and Members of the National Defense Research Committee

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