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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, June 14, 1946
    [Public Papers: Veto of Bill To Promote Former Prisoners of War in the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard]
10:30 am Press and Radio Conference [Public Papers]
11:00 am (Mr. Lowell Mason)
11:05 am (Mr. James Suddath)
11:15 am The Postmaster General [Robert E. Hannegan]
(Honorable George Allen)
11:45 am Lt. General Hoyt S. Vandenberg
Rear Admiral Sidney Souers
12:00 pm The President presented the Congressional Medal of Honor to:
First Lieutenant John H. Leims, U.S.M.C. Reserve
Technical Sergeant John W. Meagher, U.S.A.
Technical Sergeant Beauford T. Anderson, U.S.A.
Sergeant Alejandro R. Ruiz, U.S.A.
Private First Class Dirk J. Vlug, U.S.A.
The following officers will accompany the recipients' parties
as escorts:
Captain Arthur L. Burnham
Captain Lezelle Gonano
First Lieutenant James R. Maxedon
First Lieutenant Joseph R. Wingard
There is a list of official guests who have been invited by
the War Department. This is as follows:
Senator Albert W. Hawks, New Jersey; Mr. William Lehr
Senator Albert W. Smith, New Jersey; Mr. Guy Peterson
Representative William H. Stevenson, Wisconsin; Pv't Joe Olivas
Representative Bartel J. Jonkman, Michigan
Representative Antonio Fernadez, New Mexico
Secretary of War, Mr. Robert P. Patterson
General Dwight D. Eisenhower; Asst. Secretary of War Petersen
General Thomas T. Handy; St. Sgt. Peter G. Bolger
General Jacob L. Devers
Cong. Albert Ewing Thomason, Texas
Guests of Technical Sergeant John W. Meagher:
Mrs. Ann C. Meagher
Mrs. Kathryn Heeman
Mr. Thomas V. Meagher
Mr. Daniel Meagher
Mrs. Margaret Crimmins
Mrs. Theresa Fehr
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lomholt
Mr. and Mrs. Crimmins
Reverend Shovlin
Staff Sergeant Beauford T. Anderson's Guests:
Mr. William Anderson; Mrs. Marie Kaidor
Mrs. Guy Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Turben
Miss Helen Anderson
Guests of Sergeant Alejandro R. Ruiz:
Mrs. Alejandro R. Ruiz
Mrs. Atilana R. Velasquez
Miss Lucia R. Ruiz
Mrs. Selza R. Gonzales
Miss Belen R. Velasquez
Miss Petro R. Velasquez
Mr. Marco S. Licon
Guests of Private First Class Dirk J. Vlug:
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Vlug
Miss Angie Sikkema
Mrs. Wesslina DeRoos
Miss Alida Vlug
Mr. Peter H. Vlug
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brummels
The following is a list of names of those invited by the
Navy Department: Captain W. R. Smedburg, USN, Aide to Sec. of Navy
Honorable James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy
Senator C. Wayland Brooks, United States Senate
Senator Scott W. Lucas, United States Senate
Representative William W. Link, House of Representatives
Fleet Admiral C. W. Nimitz, U.S.N., Chief of Naval Operations
General A. A. Vandegrift, U.S.M.C., Commandant of Marine Corps
Commander E. B. Fluckey, U.S.N., Aide to Chief of Naval Operations
Lieut-Colonel D. W. Stonecliffe, U.S.M.C., Aide to Commandant of USMC
Mr. and Mrs. Ambrase Leims (parents of Lieutenant Leims)
Warrant Office Norman O. Saunders, U.S.M.C. (escort)
First Lieutenant John H. Leims, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve,
recipient of Medal of Honor.
A party of forty disabled soldiers and their attendants from
Walter Reed Hospital have been invited to attend the
ceremony, escorted by Lieutenant Colonel James T. McGibony.
3:30 pm The Attorney General [Tom C. Clark]
Honorable Joseph Keenan
3:45 pm (Honorable Paul Porter)
4:00 pm Hon. Oscar Chapman, the Under Secretary of the Interior

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