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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, May 9, 1946
    [Public Papers: Veto of Bill To Establish an Army Optometry Corps]
10:30 am Press and Radio Conference [Public Papers]
11:00 am Hon. James P. McGranery, Assistant to the Attorney
(Requested this appointment)
11:15 am The President will receive a delegation from the
National Association of Broadcasters. (This
Board of Directors, representing 700 out of 900
stations in the United States, will meet in
Washington on May 8th and 9th.) (Arranged by
Mr. Leonard Reinsch) (Pictures requested)
The following were presented: Justin Miller,
President; District 1, Paul W. Morency, WTIC,
Hartford, Connecticut; District 2, Kolin Hager, WGY,
Scranton, Pennsylvania; District 4, Campbell Arnoux,
WTAR, Norfolk, Virginia; District 5, F. W. Borton,
WQAM, Miami, Florida; District 6, Hoyt B. Wooten,
WREC, Memphis, Tennessee; District 7, James D.
Shouse, WLW, Cincinnati, Ohio; District 8, John E.
Fetzer, WKZO, Kalamazoo, Michigan; District 9,
Leslie C. Johnson, WHBF, Rock Island, Illinois;
District 10, John J. Gillin, Jr., WOW, Omaha,
Nebraska; District 11, E. L. Hayek, KATE, Albert Lea,
Minnesota; District 12, William B. Way, KVOO, Tulsa,
Oklahoma; District 13, Martin B. Campbell, WFAA,
Dallas, Texas; District 14, Hugh B. Terry, KLZ,
Denver, Colorado; District 15, William B. Smullin,
KIEM, Eureka, California; District 16, Wiliam B.
Ryan, KFI, Los Angeles, California; District 17,
Harry R. Spence, KXRO, Aberdeen, Washington;
LARGE STATIONS, District 5, J. Leonard Reinsch, WSB,
Atlants, Georgia; District 4, J. Harold Ryan, WWVA,
(Address at WSPD) Wheeling, West Virginia
MEDIUM STATIONS, District 4, T.A.M. Craven, WOL,
Washington, D. C.; District 4, G. Richard Shafto, WIS.
SMALL STATIONS, District 12, Matthew H. Bonebrake,
KOCY, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; District 3, Clair
R. McCollough, WGAL, Lancaster, Pennsylvania;
Network, CBS, District 2, Frank Stantion, CBS,
485 Madison Avenue, New York; Network, NBC, District 4,
Frank M. Russell, NBC, Trans-Lux Building, Washington,
D. C.
11:30 am The President and Mrs. Truman will receive Lord and
Lady Halifax - the President's office.
(Lord Halifax originally asked for the appointment
to tell the President goodbye. He later requested
the appointment for Lady Halifax too.)
11:45 am The Prime Minister of Australia, R. Hon. Joseph
Benedict Chifley (Arranged through the State Department)
12:00 pm The President will receive a group of Motion
Picture Industry representatives, and a few
representatives from the Red Cross. The following
were present: Jack Alicoate, Film Daily;
Maurice Artigues, Paramount Pictures, Corp.;
Carter Barron, Loew's Inc.; Harry Brandt, Brandt
Theatres; Carl Buermele, Co-op Theatres; B.T.
Burnside, Warner Bros.; Robert Carnie, Paramount
Pictures Corp.; Robert Clabeaux; J. J. Clark,
Antonagon Theatres; John de Joseph, Reni Photographers;
Ned Depinet, RKO Radio Pictures; James Devlin,
c/o Harold Wirthwein, Paramount Pictures, Inc.;
William Eberline, Fillmore Theatre; Otto Ebert,
RKO Radio Pictures; Jay Emanuel, Exhibitor; Si
Fabian, Fabian Theatres; Roger Ferri, 20th Century
Fox Films; Ernest Fitzgerald, Colonial Theatre; Harold
J. Fitzgerald, Fox Wisconsin Theatres; Abel Green,
Variety; Harry Greenman, Capitol; Francis Guehl,
Universal Pictures; Francis Harmon, Theatre Activities
Committee; Jack Harrison, Hollywood Reporter;
Pete Harrison, Publisher, Harrison Reports; Donald
A. Henderson, 20th Century Fox Films; Bernie J.
Hynes, Fox Intermountain Theatres; George Jackson,
RKO Radio Pictures; Mack Jackson, Jackson Theatre,
Alexander Theatre; Irving Kahn, 20th Century Fox Films;
Harry Kalmine, Warner Brothers; Sherwin Kane,
Motion Picture Daily; Malcolm Kingsberg, RKO Radio
Pictures; Morris Kinzler; William J. Kupper, 20th
Century Fox Films; Frank La Falce, Warner Bros.;
Irving Lesser, Roxy; Howard M.G.M.; Thomas Kennedy,
Showmen's Trade Review; Izzy Lincer, 20th Century
Fox Film Corp.; Fred Lind, Ute Theatre; John
McFadden, RKO Radio Pictures; Harold Michaels,
Universal Pictures; Bill Michaelson, 20th Century
Fox; Dan Michalove, 20th Century Fox; Martin Moskowitz,
20th Century Fox; Tony Muto, Fox Newsreel; Al
Naroff, Brandt Theatres; Hiram Parks, Brownfield
Theatres, John Payette, Warner Bros.; C. E. Peppiatt,
20th Century Fox; Dan Polier, 20th Century Fox;
Martin Quigley, Jr., Motion Picture Herald; Harold
Rinzler, Randforce Theaters; Samuel Rinzler,
President, Randforce Theaters Circuit; Monte
Salmon, Rivoli Theatre; Benjamin Schwatz, Home Theatre;
Charles Schalifer, 20th Century Fox Films;
Willie Shaffer, Orpheum Theatre; Sam Shain, 20th
Century Fox; Eric Shinkel, Little Theatre; Ben
Shylen, Box Office; Spyros P. Skouras, 20th Century
Fox Films; Lionell Toll, Independent, Hotel Astor;
Don Velde, National Screen Service; Mo Wax, Film
Bulletin; John Webber, Colonial Theatre, Lebanon, Pa.;
Joseph Weil; Bob Weitman, Capitol Theatre; William
White, Skouras Theatres;
Red Cross Representatives: Basil O'Connor,
Chairman, American National Red Cross; Ben Burch,
Special Assistant to Vice Chairman; Howard Bonham,
Vice Chairman, Public Relations; Louis Boochever,
Director of Public Relations. (Group headed by Spyros
P. Skouras)
12:15 pm Mr. Harland Bartholomew
(From St. Louis -- wants to discuss revision of
city plan of Washington)
12:30 pm First-day sale ceremonies of the 3c Honorable
Discharge Emblem stamp were held in the EAST ROOM
of the White House, at which time the
Postmaster General presented
to the President the first sheet
of stamps. (Newsreels and stills requested -
Mr. Hannegan brought along the Post Office Department
photographer, Mr. Frank R. Alexander) (List of
guests invited by Mr. Hannegan filed in Mr. Connelly's
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:15 pm Honorable James Davis, Governor of Louisiana;
Senator Richardson, State Senate of Louisiana.
Appointment arranged by Mr. Hannegan)
3:30 pm Mr. Niles Trammel, President, N.B.C.
3:45 pm (Adm.W. W. Smith; Honorable John Snyder)
4:00 pm Honorable Edward J. Kelly, Mayor of Chicago
4:30 pm The President received members of the Highway Safety
Conference: Governor A. Williams, Governor James
Davis, Governor Maurice Tobin, Hon. Patrick P.
Curran, Governor R. J. Williams, Governor Herbert
B. Maw, Governor William M. Tuck, Governor Clarence
Meadows, Lt. Governor Kenneth A. Evans,
Lt. Governor C. P. Dahl, Lt. Governor Howard C.
Belton, Lt. Governor Sioux K. Grigsby, Mayor
C. Ray Bell, Mayor Orville Christianson, Mayor
Bernard J. Dowd, Mayor Frank M. Doran, Mayor
Leslie T. Fox, Mayor W. B. Hamilton, Mayor E. T.
Jeffries, Jr., Mayor Edward J. Kelly, Mayor
Walter E. Lawrence, Mayor Alton A. Lessard,
Hon. L. E. Lichford, Mayor George Merrick,
Mayor Edwin F. Weis, Mayor C. A. Winslow,
Capt. N. W. Kimbrough, Mr. Horace Moore, Mr. Guy
E. Williams, Mr. Edgar E. Lampton, Mr. H. L.
Hinkley, Judge Arthur F. Ells, Hon. George Williams,
Hon. George Asbell, Major Wm. E. Spence, Mr. T. P.
Sullivan, Hon. Rue J. Alexander, Mr. Claud R.
McCamment, Mr. O. M. Howard, Hon. Harold I. Goss,
Isaac S. George, Mr. Herman Dignan, Mr. A. Rohweder,
Hon. Greek L. Rice, Col. Hugh Waggoner, Mr. C. L.
Sheridan, Wardner G. Scott, Mr. Lester C. Moody,
Hon. Donald G. Matson, Mr. Arthur W. Magee,
Mr. Floyd Kennedy, Mr. Clifford J. Fletcher,
Colonel H. J. Hatcher, Mr. Perry T. Ford, Mr. Lynn
Bomar, Colonel Homer Garrison, Honorable H. E.
Marsh, Lt. H. D. Austin, Mr. Ben L. Marcus, Mr. Ray
Bromley, Mr. R. B. Fowler, Dr. George H. Gallup
Mr. Gibb Gilchrist, Mr. Paul Hoffman, Mr. Thomas
H. MacDonald, Hon. Owen J. Roberts, Mr. William J.
Scripps, Dr. George D. Stoddard, Mr. Arthur Vanderbilt,
Mr. W. Robie Dunman, General Philip B. Fleming,
Major George E. Grotz, Lt. Col. Kirk A. Keegan,
Mr. Thomas H. MacDonald, Colonel Light B. Yost.
(General Chairman of the Conference)

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