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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Tuesday, April 9, 1946
10:00 am Congressman Alfred J. Elliott, California; Senator Sheridan
Downey, California; Mr. Northcutt Ely.
(Cong. Elliott asked for the appointment)
10:15 am The Secretary of the Treasury [Fred M. Vinson]
(Asked for one half hour with the President today)
10:45 am The Secretary of Commerce [Henry A. Wallace]; Hon. Chester Bowles; Hon. Paul Porter.
(The Secretary of Agriculture [Clinton P. Anderson] originally included in this
appointment which was arranged at suggestion of Mr. John Snyder.
Mr. Clinton Anderson speaking in Baltimore at 10:30 and unable keep
both appointments. Mr. John Snyder suggested having meeting
without Clinton Anderson, and that he, John Snyder, would talk to Clinton Anderson.
Mr. John Snyder later decided have Henry A. Wallace instead)
11:00 am Mr. R. S. Hecht, of New Orleans
(Arranged at suggestion of Mr. John Snyder. Mr. Hecht wishes
to extend invitation to the President to visit International
House in New Orleans)
11:15 am Hon. Sumner T. Pike
(Resigning as member of Securities and Exchange Commission.
He wrote the President that he would like to come down from
Philadelphia and talk to him about his successor. He
recommends, as his successor, Mr. Rober Foster, at present
Solicitor of SEC)
11:30 am Hon. Wayne C. Taylor
(Former President, Export-Import bank of Washington -
coming in at Mr. Matthew Connelly's invitation)
12:00 pm H. E. Senor Don Juan B. Ayala, the Ambassador of Paraguay.
(newly appointed, to present credentials - see attached
brief biographical sketch)
12:15 pm Hon. Harold D. Smith, Dir. Bureau of the Budget
(Says they are running against time on some reorganization
matters and has number of documents which the President
must go over with him. Needs half hour and half hour or
more tomorrow)
12:45 pm Mr. James Sauter
(Connected with War Activities Committee, which handled
entertainment for troops overseas - good friend of Ad-
ministration and this arranged at suggestion of the
Committee. He wants to invite the President to a dinner
which this Committee is giving in N.Y.)
1:00 pm (Cabinet Luncheon - eight present. Postmaster General and
Secretary of the Navy absent)
3:15 pm The Secretary of Labor [Lewis B. Schwellenbach]
(Asked for appointment)
3:30 pm Lt. Gen. J. Lawton Collins
(Arthur Krock thought the President would like to hear about
Gen. Collins' very brilliant maneuver, the "break through"
in view of the President's deep interest in military maneu-
vers. Arranged through Mr. Charlie Ross)
4:30 pm Hon. John E. Miles, former Governor of New Mexico

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