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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Tuesday, April 30, 1946
    [Public Papers: Letter to Senator Murray Concerning a Bill for a National Health Program]
    [Public Papers: Statement by the President on Receiving Report of the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry]
10:00 am Congressman Richard Welch, California
10:15 am Congressman Albert J. Engel, Michigan
10:45 am Senator Lister Hill
11:00 am National Commander Leon Dombrowski, LEGION OF VALOR,
Former National Commander Frank Williams, Mr. Fred
Kochli, a local member, Hon. Watson Miller,
Federal Security Administrator (Appointment made
at the request of Hon. Watson Miller - it is the
custom for the Presidents to briefly receive the
successive heads of this organization) (Pictures
requested of the President and Commander Dombrowski)
11:30 am Congressman Robinson, Utah, Senator Abe Murdock,
Utah, Governor Herbert B. Haw, Utah.
(appointment arranged by the Senator; re, Rehab. Bill)
11:45 am (Mr. Adlai Stevenson)
Appointment arranged by Mr. John Snyder.
12:00 pm The President signed the PHILIPPINE TRADE BILL AND
the following present:
Secretary of Interior [Julius A. Krug], Hon. Millard E. Tydings,
Gen Carlos P. Romulo, Resident Commissioner of
the Philippines, Mr. Richard R. Ely, Spec. Asst. to
the High Commissioner, Mr. James C. Penman,
Administrative Consultant.
    [Public Papers: Statement by the President Upon Signing Bills Providing for Philippine Rehabilitation and Trade]
12:10 pm Sen. Millard Tydings
12:30 pm British Ambassador, Lord Halifax, Mr. J. H. H. Gaute,
Editorial Director of the British firm of Geo. G.
Harrap and Co., Ltd. Mr. Don Hogate, McGraw Hill
Book Co., Mr. Walter Hehmeyer and Mr. Frank
McNaughton. (MR. GAUTE will present the President
with de luxe copy of the English edition "This
Man Truman")
12:45 pm (Mr. T. C. Cashen)
1:00 pm (Cabinet Luncheon)
3:30 pm (Mr. Frank J. Frohoff)
4:00 pm (Hon. Richmond Keech and Hon. Stephen T. Early)

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