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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Tuesday, April 2, 1946
10:00 am Hon. W. Stuart Symington, Asst. Secretary of War.
(Asked for the appointment)
10:15 am Hon. Fiorello LaGuardia
(Asked for the appointment)
10:30 am Mr. Robert McKeever
(Asked for the appointment)
11:00 am Mr. Edward V. Loughlin
(Head of Tamany - asked for the appointment)
11:15 am Congressman Willliam G. Stigler, Okla.; Cong. Paul Stewart,
Okla.; Mr. Ben Dwight, National Attorney for the Choctaw
Nation; Mr. Floyd Maytubby, Governor of the Chickasaw Nation;
Judge Earl Welch, Member of the Chickasaw Advisory Council;
Mr. W. W. Short, State President of Okla. Choctaw-Chickasaw
Confederation; Principal Chief, W.A. Durant of Choctaw Nation;
Mr. Dan Madrano, Member of State House of Representatives as
well as Executive Secretary of the Congress of American Indians;
District Judge N. B. Johnson, Natl. President of the Congress
of American Indians.
(Congressman Stigler asked if he might bring in these outstanding
Oklahoma Indians, who are in Washington this week) INDIANS -
12:00 pm Hon. Louis G. Dreyfus, Jr.
(American Minister to Iceland - in Washington on leave thru
Wednesday April 3rd and asked to call upon the President
while here)
12:15 pm Mrs. Nellie Tayloe Ross, Director, Bureau of the Mint
(Wishes to bring in the President's medal which the Mint
has been working on, as she has several points relating
to it to take up with the President)
12:30 pm (Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Guilfoyle)
(Just married, to pay respects)
12:45 pm The Secretary of State [James F. Byrnes]
1:00 pm (Cabinet Luncheon - Acheson for State, Post Office away, nine in
3:30 pm (Mr. Duke Shoop)
4:00 pm Dr. Harold W. Dodds, President of Princeton; Colonel Howard Rusk.
(Rusk has been designated by President to handle health program)
4:30 pm Hon. Harold D. Smith
5:00 pm (Mr. Richard Nacy)

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