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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, April 19, 1946
10:00 am Cabinet Meeting [minutes]
(Agenda attached - General Fleming and Secretary Wallace
absent, Postmaster General doubtful)
10:45 am Hon. Josephus Daniels
11:00 am The President will sign H.R. 5644, Armed Services Absentee
Voting Bill, following guests: Senator Theodore F. Green,
R.I.; Senator Scott W. Lucas, Ill.; Congressman Herbert C.
Bonner, N.C.
11:15 am (Hon. Myron Taylor)
(Asked to come in off the record)
11:30 am Hon. Sidney Hillman
(Asked for the appointment)
11:45 am (Mr. and Mrs. Chas. L. (Farmer) Brown; daughter, Mrs. Anna
Jewell Davis)
(Old friends, to shake hands)
12:00 pm Mr. Robert A. Willis, President, K.C. Live Stock Excg.
(Wrote the President he would be here on business, and
could he see the President)
12:15 pm Mr. Edmund Reek; Mr. Anthony Muto; Mr. M.D. Clofine; Mr.
J.C. Brown; Ted Genock; Robert H. Denton; Walton Ament;
George Dorsey; Thomas Mead; James Lyons.
(Editors of the Five Newsreels Companies) NEWSREEL EDITORS
12:30 pm (Mr. Walter Hemeyer; Mr. Frank McNaughton)
(Asked for brief chat so as to stay in closer touch and help
in keeping their journal up to date. They hope to use
this journal in bringing their book THIS MAN TRUMAN up
to date)
12:45 pm The President received representatives of National Press
Photographers Association: Joseph Costa, N.Y.,President;
Mr. Bert Williams, Pittsburgh, Secretary; Mr. Charles Mack,
Washington, Treasurer.
1:00 pm (lunch)
4:30 pm The Secretary of Labor [Lewis B. Schwellenbach]
7:00 pm [Public Papers: Radio Appeal to the Nation for Food Conservation to Relieve Hunger Abroad]
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