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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, April 18, 1946
    [Public Papers: Telegram to Herbert Hoover, Honorary Chairman, Famine Emergency Committee]
10:00 am The President will receive from Mr. Luther Miller and
Senator John H. Bankhead, 2d., of Alabama, a bull calf, the
gift of the Birmingham Stock Show, of which Mr. Miller
is chairman. The President is being given this calf so
that he may give it to UNNRA or some similar organization
now or later. Guests will be: Senator John H. Bankhead,
2d., Alabama; Mr. Luther Miller; Mr. Max McLaughlin, Presi-
dent Alabama Future Farmers; Mr. Billy Smith, President,
Alabama 4-H Club; Mr. P.O. Davis, Dir. Agricultural Extension
Service, Alabama; Mr. Walter Randolph, Pres. Alabama Farm
Protection Federation; Mr. Bedell Munro, Pres. Penn. Central
Airlines; Mr. Arthur Sartain, Secretary to Senator Bankhead.
10:15 am Senator Harley M. Kilgore, W. Va.
(Asked for the appointment)
10:30 am Honorable Chester Bowles
10:45 am (Mr. Mize Peters; Mr. J. B. Hodge)
11:00 am The President will open the Buddy Poppy Drive for the Veterans
of Foreign Wars, by buying it from their war orphan, Betty
Lou Hall, who is from their home at Eaton Rapids, Michigan.
Guests: Betty Lou Hall (Orphan of World War II); Mr. Joseph
M. Stack, Commander in Chief, V.F.W.; Mr. Omar B. Ketchum,
Natl. Legislative Rep. V.F.W.; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams,
in charge of VFW Natl. Home and acting as parents of Betty Lou;
Miss G. C. Leffingwell, Dir. of V.F.W. Buddy Poppy Publicity;
Mrs. M. Frances Anderson, Natl. Pres. Ladies Auxiliary, V.F.W.
(Betty Lou is four years of age, orphan of Arthur Alvin Hall,
Infantry, killed in action in European theatre in December,
1944. The Child's home was originally in Lansing, Michigan,
and the mother and four sisters and brothers were admitted
to the V.F.W. National Home in June, 1945. Mr. Charles Ross has
given permission for movietone News to be present, in view
of fact child is orphan of this war, etc.)
11:15 am Honorable Leif Erickson, (Montana Supreme Court); Mr. Frank
M. Swacker (N.Y. lawyer); Dr. Gordon S. Watkins (Univ. of Calif.)
(Railroad Emergency Fact Finding Board, asked through
Dr. John R. Steelman to see the President)
11:30 am (Mr. LeRoy V. Brant, of Etude Magazine)
(This off record interview arranged by Cong. Anderson,
California. Brant doing story on the President for
Etude, and has submitted questionnaire)
12:00 pm Rear Admiral Ellery W. Stone, Chief Commissioner of the Allied
Commission for Italy.
(Is now in Washington, having returned from Rome for con-
sultations with the State, War and Navy Departments re-
garding Allied policy in Italy. The Admiral desirous of
seeing the President in order to inform him concerning
situation in Italy)
12:15 pm Mr. J.R. Coulter, Chief Traffic Officer, Frisco Lines;
Mr. William L. Huggins, Jr., Special Representative.
(Mr. Huggins saw the President several weeks ago with
Jim Blair and mentioned to the President that Mr. Coulter
would be in Washington at this time and the President
said he would be glad to see them)
12:30 pm The Secretary of State [James F. Byrnes]
(Usual Thursday appointment)
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:15 pm (Honorable George Allen)
3:30 pm The Secretary of the Treasury [Fred M. Vinson]
4:30 pm The President received members of the American Society of
Newspaper Editors in an off the record press conference in
the East Room of the White House. [Public Papers]

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