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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Tuesday, April 16, 1946
10:00 am Sen. James M. Tunnell, Dela.; Sen. James M. Mead, N.Y.;
Sen. David I. Walsh, Mass.; Sen. George L. Radcliffe, Md.;
Sen. Joseph F. Guffey, Pa.; Sen. Harley M. Kilgore, W. VA.
(Senator Tunnell asked for this - stating this is group
of Senators, all of whom come up for re-election next Fall)
10:30 am The President received the Members of the Advisory Board, Office
of War Mobilization and Reconversion, as follows: Hon. O. Max
Gardner; Mr. Albert S. Goss; Mr. Edward A. O'Neal; Mr. James
G. Patton; Mr. Nathaniel Dyke, Jr.; Mr. Eric A. Johnston;
Mr. George H. Mead; Mr. T. C. Casheen; Mr. William Green;
Mr. Philip Murray; Mr. Chester C. Davis; Mrs. Anna Rosenberg.
(Having their regular meeting and wish to pay respects)
10:45 am Mr. R. B. Caldwell, of Kansas City
(President of Federal Reserve Board of Kansas City)
11:00 am Hon. Basil O'Connor
(Requested the appointment)
11:15 am The Secretary of War [Robert P. Patterson]
(Re Research Bill)
11:45 am Mr. W. A. Brooks
(With Cotton Compress Co. of Texas. Mr. Hannegan, the
Attorney General [Tom C. Clark] and Speaker Rayburn, all urged the
President see Mr. Brooks, saying he had given party
terrific amount of help in past. Has met the President
in Texas, in past, and wants to renew friendship)
11:50 am Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Patterson; Miss Betty June Patterson;
Mrs. Paul Truitt.
12:00 pm The British Ambassador; Air Chief Marshal Sir Sholto Douglas;
Air Chief Marshal Sir A. Guy R. Garrod.
(Lord Halifax asked for this personally. Douglas is
Commander in Chief of British Zone in Germany and
Garrod is British Representative on UNO Staff)
12:25 pm (Lunch in the private dining room of Senate at Capitol)
2:10 pm (Returned to White House)
2:30 pm (Left for Griffith Stadium to attend opening ball game)

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President Truman Confers with Reconversion Advisory Board

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