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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, March 27, 1946
10:00 am Senator Tom Connally, Texas; Speaker Sam Rayburn, Texas.
(Senator Connaly asked for the appointment)
10:30 am Congressman W.O. Burgin, N.C.
(The Congressman asked for the appointment)
11:00 am H.E. Samuel Cardinal Stritch
(Arranged through Gael Sullivan)
12:00 pm Mr. Edmund Brown, City and County Dist. Atty. San Francisco.
(Is candidate for Attorney General of the State of California -
wants to pay respects. Arranged through and at suggestion
of Mr. George Killion, Dem. Natl. Com.)
12:15 pm Mr. Shelton B. Lamar, Pres. Huguenot Society of Washington, D.C.;
Mrs. Frank B. Steele, Pres. General of Federation of Huguenot
Societies of America; Miss Virginia Sudler.
(To present the President with the insigne and certification
for honorary life Membership - Attached are two copies of
the President's application, filled out and awaiting the
president's signature. Mr. Lamar will want the President
to sign these)
12:30 pm The President presented the Congressional Medal of Honor to:
Master Sergeant Charles L. McGaha, U.S.A.; Commander Richard
H. O'Kane, U.S.N. The following people invited: Hon. James
Forrestal, Secretary of Navy; Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz;
Vice Admiral Louis P. Denfeld, Chief of Naval Personnel;
Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood, formerly Commander Submarines,
Pacific; Senator Styles Bridges; Senator Charles W. Tobey;
Representative Chester B. Herros; representative Sherman Adams;
Mrs. Richard R. O'Kane (wife of Comdr. O'Kane); Miss Marsha
O'Kane (daughter of Comdr. O'Kane); Master James O'Kane (son of
Comdr. O'Kane); Dr. and Mts. W.G. O'Kane (Parents of Comdr.
O'Kane); Mrs. Asher Capelle (sister of Comdr. O'Kane); Captain
L.B. Taylor, U.S.N., Aide to Sec. of Navy; Commander D.B. Fluckey,
U.S.N., Aide to Adm. Nimitz; Lt. Commander & Mrs. B.R. Nagel;
Assistant Secretary of Navy, John Sullivan; Senator Tom Stewart;
Senator Kenneth McKellar; Representative B. Carroll Reece;
Hon. Robert P. Patterson, Sec. of War; General Thomas T. Handy,
Deputy Chief of Staff; General J. B. Devers, Commanding General
Army Ground Forces; Mrs. Laure McGaha; Mrs. Bertha McGaha;
Mrs. Jane McGaha; Miss Vanalda Wilson; T/5 John M. Keene, Jr.;
Mrs. Scotty Bean; Mrs. Patricia Tradaway; Captain John E. Glancy;
Lt. Jos. E. Wingard; Col. Noah Brinson.
(Ceremonies to be held in South Grounds in order that they
may be witnessed by two bus-loads of disabled veterans, who
had planned to see White House grounds from bus.)
[Public Papers: Remarks on Presenting the Congressional Medal of Honor to Commander Richard H. O'Kane, USN, and Master Sergeant Charles L. McGaha, USA]
1:00 pm (Lunch)

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