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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, March 21, 1946
10:30 am Press and Radio Conference [Public Papers]
11:00 am Hon. Ganson Purcell, Chairman, S.E.C.
(Asked to see the President on matter of some urgency)
11:15 am Senator Francis J. Myers, Pa.
(Asked to see the President re Bill before the Senate,
creating three Secretaryships for the Department of
11:30 am Mr. Frank Davis, Kansas City, Kansas; Mr. Hugh Francis.
(See correspondence with the President attached)
11:45 am Cong. Cecil King, California
(Was anxious to come down before leaving for California for
Jackson Day dinner celebration, to talk to President about
Mexico City airline run)
12:00 pm The French Ambassador; Hon. Leon Blum, former French Premier.
(Blum is Washington to head negotiations for a French
loan. Mr. Blum requested an appointment with the Presid-
dent to pay his respects - is a guest at Blair House.
State Department made special thing of this, called, in
addition to their usual letter, to say the officials of
that Department thought most important)
12:15 pm Hon. John J. Dempsey, the Governor of New Mexico.
(Requested the appointment)
12:30 pm Mr. Charles R. Denny; Mr. Rosel H. Hyde.
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:10 pm (Mr. Dan Nee)
3:30 pm Mr. Howard Bruce
(Mr. John Snyder requested, saying the President had
expressed wish to see Mr. Bruce at this time)

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