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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Tuesday, March 12, 1946
Executive Orders:  [9703 the Existence of the Quantico-Superior Committee, Created by Executive Order No. 6783 of June 30, 1934]
    [Public Papers: Letter to Senator O'Mahoney Transmitting a Proposed Wool Price Support Program]
    [Public Papers: Telegram to Leading Citizens Requesting Them To Serve on a National Famine Emergency Council]
10:00 am Senator Harley M. Kilgore, W. Va.; Col. Richmond Harris.
(Re Veterans legislation - Senator Kilgore asked to be
allowed to bring in Col. Harris)
10:15 am Sen. Harley M. Kilgore; Mr. Thester Coleman; Mr. W.D. Coleman;
Mr. Theodore W. Cousins; Mr. I.J.K. Wells.
(This is a delegation from West Virginia, for whom Senator
Kilgore asked for an appointment, in order that they
might be photographed with the President. They are from
the Negro magazine COLOR. Mr. Charles Ross approved. They wish
to present the fourth edition of COLOR to the President.
They wrote Sen. Kilgore, partly as follows - "Since COLOR
has in mind the following worthy objectives: to create good
will between the races, to improve work habits and job
attitudes of its readers, since it intends to upgrade
their personality, since it intends to dignify labor and
glorify the common occupations of life as stressed by
Booker T. Washington; since it intends to educate and
inspire as well as entertain; since it is the first magazine
ever printed in four colors in the Negro race, and it occurs
during President Truman's administration, we firmly believe
it would be good thing for us to present this historical
issue to the President of the United States.")
10:45 am Senator Raymond E. Willis, Indiana; Governor Ralph E. Gates,
Ind.; Hon. James Emmert.
(Senator Willis asked to bring the Governor in)
11:45 am Hon. Adolf A. Berle, Jr.
(Phoned from New York March 7th, to ask whether he could
now see the President, in response to the President's
letter to him of February 20th, attached, suggesting
they discuss South American situation)
12:15 pm Hon. Herbert Lehman
12:30 pm The Secretary of Commerce [Henry A. Wallace]
(Requested the appointment)
12:45 pm The Secretary of the Navy [James Forrestal]
(Requested the appointment)
1:00 pm (Lunch) (Cabinet luncheon - one absentee, Secy. Fred M. Vinson)
3:30 pm The Secretary of Agriculture [Clinton P. Anderson]; Mr. Gayle Armstrong.
(Asked for this last week)
4:30 pm Senator Alben W. Barkley, Ky.

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