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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, March 1, 1946
    [Public Papers: Special Message to the Congress Transmitting a Statement on Foreign Loan Policy]
    [Public Papers: Letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Concerning Measures To Stimulate Veterans Housing Construction]
10:00 am Cabinet Meeting [minutes]
(Agenda attached - Secretaries James Byrnes and Lewis B. Schwellenbach
absent. Dean Acheson invited but is out of the city. Bowles,
Porter and Wyatt invited for this meeting but not to
come regularly)
11:00 am Hon. Chester Bowles
(Requested the appointment)
11:15 am The President received members of the Executive Committee
of the Negro Newspaper Publishers Assn. as follows:
Dr. Arnett Murphy, Baltimore, Maryland; Howard H. Murphy,
Baltimore, Md.; Dr. C.B. Scott, New York, N.Y.; A.G. Shields,
Little Rock, Arkansas; C.A. Scott, Atlanta, Ga.; Robert Durr,
Birmingham, Ala.; Miss Olive Diggs, Chicago, Ill.; John H.
Sengstacke, Chicago, Ill.: Carter Wesley, Houston, Texas;
P.B. Young, Sr., Norfolk, Va.; Thomas W. Young, Norfolk, Va.; P. Bernard Young, Jr., Norfolk, Va.; Louis O. Swingler, Memphis,
Tenn.; Dowdal H. Davis, Jr., Kansas City, Mo.; Leon Washington,
Jr., Los Angeles, Cal.; Frank L. Stanley, Louisville, Ky.;
Louis E. Martin, Detroit, Mich.; Ludlow Werner, New York, New York; John D. Bogle, Philadelphia, Pa.; P.L. Prattis, Pittsburgh, Pa.:
Mrs. Jesse L. Vann, Pittsburgh, Pa.; J.A. Hamlett, Kansas City
Kansas; N.W. Sweets St. Louis, Mo.; J.E. Mitchell, St. Louis, Mo.;
Sam B. Solomon, Miami, Fla.; Doxey A. Wilkerson, New York, N.Y.; Alexander Barnes, Washington, D.C.
(This is a group which the President received last May. This
is an annual event timed to concide with National Negro
Newspaper Week, and is usually attended by 15 to 20 publishers -
the Executive Committee of the Association, plus half a dozen
of the publishers and editors of the larger papers. This
group saw President Roosevelt twice and he suggested the
visit should be an annual event similar to the one made
each year by Society of Publishers & Editors. As result, this
meeting with the President has become something of an annual
tradition among the Negro publishers)
11:45 am Hon. Herbert C. Hoover
12:00 pm Mr. Mubarak Ali Khan; (Mr. Stanley Woodward)
(This is the Indian national about whom Sen. Langer wrote,
asking the President to see, as well as one or two other
people, all of whom were told that the request would have
to clear through the Agent General for India. The Agent
General finally asked the Protocol Division to request the
White House to make the appointment, and Mr. Matthew Connelly asked
Mr. Stanley Woodward to sit in on the appointment - This Indian wishes
to present personally to the President a petition thanking him
for his support of the Indian Immigration and Naturalization
12:15 pm Hon. Lincoln MacVeagh, American Ambassador to Greece
(in Washington this week, and asked to see the President)
12:45 pm (Mr. Howard Hunter)
(Request came thru David Niles and the President agreed to
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:15 pm (Drop in on Food Conference in East Wing)
[Public Papers: Remarks to Members of the Conference Called To Develop a Food Conservation Program]
4:00 pm (Make movies for Red Cross in Oval Room, of President's Red
Cross Speech tonight)
5:00 pm (Leave the White House for Raleigh to attend party for
Judge Rosenman)
7:00 pm (Return to White House)
7:35 pm (Leave the White House for the Statler Hotel to attend Dinner
of Civil Air Patrol)
9:30 pm (Return to the White House)
9:55 pm (Open Red Cross Drive over the Radio) [Public Papers]

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