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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, February 7, 1946
    [Public Papers: Statement by the President Upon Disapproving a Bill of the Philippine Congress]
10:30 am Press and Radio Conference [Public Papers]
11:00 am Sen. Burnet R. Maybank, S.C.
(Asked for the appointment)
11:15 am The Secretary of War [Robert P. Patterson]; The Secretary of the Navy [James Forrestal]; Hon. Kenneth Royall, Under Secretary of War; Hon. Struve Hensel, the Ass't. Secretary of Navy; Mr. Richard R. Deupree.
(Deupree newly appointed Exec. Chairman, Army, Navy Munitions
11:30 am Mr. Russell Stewart, General Manager, Chicago Times
(In Washington to see Paul Porter about a radio matter, and
hoped could have couple of minutes with the President to
check personally reports he has heard of how well the Presi-
dent is "bearing up.")
11:45 am Hon. Paul McNutt
(Arrived in San Francisco by plane last Friday from
Philippines and asked for appointment this week)
12:00 pm Hon. Monnett B. Davis, American Minister to Denmark
(In Washington for consultation, and has requested appointment
before returning to his post)
12:15 pm Hon. Robert S. Kerr, Governor of Oklahoma
(Phoned from Oklahoma City, January 28th for this appointment,
and Mr. Matthew Connelly arranged it)
12:30 pm The Secretary of State [James F. Byrnes]; The Secretary of the Treasury [Fred M. Vinson]; (John Snyder)
1:00 pm (Lunch) (In Postmaster General's [Robert E. Hannegan] Office - off record)
3:30 pm Mr. Philip Murray
4:00 pm The Secretary of Agriculture [Clinton P. Anderson]
4:20 pm Mr. John A. Stephens, Vice President, U.S. Steel
5:00 pm The Secretary of State [James F. Byrnes]; Hon. Chester Bowles

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