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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, February 6, 1946
Executive Orders:  [9694 the Existence of the Quantico-Superior Committee, Created by Executive Order No. 6783 of June 30, 1934]
    [Public Papers: Statement by the President Announcing Emergency Measures To Relieve the World Food Shortage]
10:00 am Senator H. Alexander Smith, N.J.; Dr. Frank Laubach; Rev. Samuel
Shoemaker, Rector, Calvary Church, New York City.
(Senator Smith says Dr. Laubach is a Reverend and has had wide
experience in Far East, and that these Reverend gentlemen have
a thought they want to put before the President personally
which the Senator feels of vital importance which cannot be
overlooked and that it has something to do with atomic bomb
10:15 am Hon. Joseph R. Farrington; Cong. Hugh Peterson, Ga.; Cong. Henry D.
Larceade, Jr. La.; Cong. James J. Delaney, N.Y.; Cong. George P. Miller,
Calif.; Cong. Homer D. Angell, Ore.; Cong. Dean P. Taylor, N.Y.
(This is Sub-committee of the Committee on Territories, all of
whom have been in Hawaii holding hearings on Statehood. They
have talked with Secretary Ickes since their return and now are
anxious to tell the President what they have been doing)
10:30 am Hon. Raymond S. McKeough, U.S. Maritime Commission
(Asked for this appointment)
11:00 am Hon. Frances Perkins
(This appointment requested by her and the time arranged
by Mr. Connelly, when she attended ceremonies marking
first sale of the Roosevelt Memorial Stamp, last week)
11:30 am Hon. Edward J. Flynn
(Asked for this appointment sometime ago by phone)
11:45 am (Mr. P.L. Shackelford; Mr. James Shackelford)
12:00 pm Hon. William Dawson, American Ambassador to Uruguay
(In Wash. for consultation until Feb. 10th, and asked for
appointment before returning to his post)
12:05 pm General Henry H. Arnold
(To tell the President about his recent trip to South America)
12:30 pm The President presented Gold Star (in lieu of a second D.S.M.) to
Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy, ceremonies in East Room.
1:00 pm (Lunch)

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