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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, February 13, 1946
10:15 am Hon. Oscar L. Chapman, Asst. Sec. of Interior.
10:30 am Congressman Hugh De Lacy, Washington
(To discuss China - asked for the appointment)
10:45 am Hon. Ed Rivers
(Former Governor of Georgia, now National Committeeman
from that State - at request George Killion)
11:00 am Senator Carl Hayden, Arizona
(Thought he had better talk to the President re Amend-
ment to Recision Bill, which the President had vetoed,
with a provision taking away from Philippine Guerillas,
same benefits given in G.I. Bill of Rights, as amounted
to five billion dollars, which seemed excessive)
11:15 am Mrs. Thomas F. McAllister
(Formerly head of Women's Division, Democratic Natl.
Committee - asked for this appointment to talk about
Equal Rights Amendment)
11:30 am Hon. Paul A. Porter
12:00 pm H.E. Senor Galo Plaza, the Ambassador of Ecuador
(To present the President with Panama hat made in Ecuador)
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:30 pm The Secretary of State [James F. Byrnes]; The Secretary of War [Robert P. Patterson]; The Secretary of the Navy
[James Forrestal]; General Dwight D. Eisenhower; Fleet Admiral Chester
W. Nimitz; Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy.

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