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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, May 31, 1945
    [Public Papers: Letter Accepting Resignation of Stephen T. Early as
Secretary to the President]
9:15 am Mr. A. F. Millard (just back from Buenos Aires)
9:30 am Congr. Clifton A. Woodrum, Va.
9:45 am Lt. Gen. Wm. Knudsen
10:00 am (Mr. Paul Patterson, Editor of Baltimore Sun - bringing
secret documents for Gen. Hurley)
10:15 am Mr. Morris Wingar
10:30 am Hon. Joseph C. Grew; Hon. Wm. Phillips;
Gen. Julius Holmes
10:45 am Hon. Guy M. Gillette
11:00 am Dr. Evarts A. Graham; Dr. Victor Johnson;
Dr. Fred Zepffe; Dr. Harvey Stone
11:15 am (Mr. Eugene Meyer)
11:30 am Lt. Paul M. Herzog
11:45 am Hon. Robert J. Bulkley
12:00 pm Mrs. Frank Knox; Sec. and Mrs. James V. Forrestal;
Adm. Ernest J. King; Sec. and Mrs. Henry Stimson;
Hon. and Mrs. Ralph A. Bard; Hon and Mrs. A. L. Gates;
Mrs. Cordell Hull; Miss Dele Reid; Mr. Rawleigh Warner;
Sen. David I. Walsh; Congr. Carl Vinson
(Posthumous award of the Medal of Merit to late Frank
Knox, Sec. of the Navy)
12:30 pm Mr. Quentin Reynolds
12:45 pm Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Church
1:00 pm (Lunch) Hon. Sherman Minton
2:30 pm Congr. Henry M. Jackson; Sen. Warren G. Magnuson
2:45 pm (Hon. George Allen)
3:00 pm (Hon. Fred Vinson)
3:15 pm Mr. Silliman Evans
4:00 pm Maj. Rufus Burrus
4:20 pm Award D.S.M. to Hon. Stephen T. Early in Rose Garden of
White House - in presence of White House Staff
4:45 pm Mr. James Pendergast and daughter

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