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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, November 8, 1945
10:00 am Congr. Albert Thomas, Texas
10:15 am Mr. Arthur Hays Sulzberger, New York Times
10:30 am Senator Kenneth McKellar, Tenn.; Sen. Lister Hill, Ala.;
Speaker Sam Rayburn; Congr. John W. McCormack, Mass.
11:45 am Mr. Malcolm Muir, Publisher of Newsweek;
Mr. Ernest Lindley, In Charge Wash. Office of Newsweek
12:00 pm Hon. Philip M. Klutznick, Commissioner,
Federal Public Housing Authority
12:30 pm Maj. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey, Dir., Selective
Service System, and his State Directors:
Col. Carlton S. Dargusch, Deputy Director; Col. John D.
Langston, Asst.Dir.; Col. Lewis F. Kosch, Asst. Dir.;
Col. Victor J. O'Kelliher, Asst.Dir.; Col. Gareth N.
Brainerd, Chief, Field Div.; Col. Louis H. Renfrow, Chief
Liaison and Legis. Officer; Col. James T. Johnson, Jr., Ala.;
Maj.Gen.A.M. Tuthill, Ariz.; Brig.Gen. E.L. Compere,Ark.;
Col. Kenneth H. Leitch, Calif.; Col. Howard E. Reed, Colo.;
Commdr. John F. Robinson, Conn.; Col. Albert W. Foreman,Del.;
Mr. William D. Leahy, D.C.; Brig.Gen.Vivian Collins, Fla.;
Col. James N. Keelin, Jr., Ga.; Col. Norman B. Adkinson,
Idaho; Col. Paul G. Armstrong, Ill.; Lt.Col.F. Lyle
Summers, Ind.,; Lt.Col. Lytle J. Freehafer, Ind.; Brig.
Gen. Charles H. Grahl, Iowa; Brig.Gen. Milton R. McLean,
Kans.; Col. Frank D. Rash, Ky.; Brig.Gen. Raymond H.
Fleming, La.; Lt. Col. Harold M. Hayes, Me.; Col. Henry C.
Stanwood, Md.; Col. Chester A. Furbish, Mass.; Brig.Gen.
LeRoy Pearson, Mich.; Col. Joseph E. Nelson, Minn.; Col.
Lawrence W. Long, Miss.; Col. Claude C. Earp, Mo.; Col.
S.H. Mitchell, Mont.; Brig.Gen.Guy N. Henninger, Nebr.;
Brig.Gen.Jay H. White, Nev.; Brig.Gen. Chas. F. Bowen, N.H.;
Col. Edgar N. Bloomer, N.J.; Col. Rufus Sedillo, N.M.;
Brig.Gen.Ames T. Browm, N.Y.; Col. Arthur V. McDermott, NYC;
Brig.Gen.J.Van B. Metts, N.C.; Brig.Gen. Heber L. Edwards,
N.D.; Col.Chester W. Goble, O.; Col. Olive E. Murray,
Oklahoma; Col. Elmer V. Wooton, Ore.; Maj.Henry M. Gross,
Pa.; Lt.Col. Edw. J. Noons, R.I.; Brig.Gen.Holmes,B. Springs,
S.C.; Col. Edw. A. Beckwith, S.D.; Col. Geo.Hilton Butler,
Tenn.; Brig.Gen.J.Watt Page, Tex.; Col. H.A. Rich, Utah;
Col. Chas.N.Barber, Vt.; Col. Joel D. Griffing,Va.;
Capt.Patrick H.Winston, Wash.,Brig.Gen.Carleton C. Pierce,
W.Va.; Maj.Bentley Courtenay, Wisc.; Lt.Col. Archie R. Boyack,
Wyo.; Mr. John McCormick, Alaska; Mr. Milton E. Ballengee,
Hawaii; Col. Harry F. Besosa, Puerto Rico; Hon. Charles
Harwood, Virgin Islands.
12:45 pm Hon. Josh Lee
(to discuss aviation matter)
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:45 pm The Secretary of State [James F. Byrnes];
Adm. William D. Leahy

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